10 Bamboo & plush Wipes with every 20 spend on good

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UPDATED 1pm on Tuesday 13th March - We are now out of stock on our PROMO wipes.  The special offer until the end of March is now 5 of our NEW Bamboo & plush Wipes FREE with every £20 spend, max 50 wipes.


***28th February***  We've decided to extend this promotion into March WHILE STOCKS LAST***

January was an exciting month for us as we took delivery of LOTS of new products, including cloth sanitary pads, wipes, make-up kits and pads and wetbags in our new designs for 2018, and organic premium white cotton wipes and organic premium rainbow cotton wipes...plus our flannel wipes are back in stock.

We need room in our warehouse for all of this, so this months offer sees us giving 10 Promo Bamboo & plush Wipes with every £20 spent.  Please note that these are the remainder of our 2017 designs, this offer isn't available on our new 2018 designs.

Our Bamboo and plush wipes are very popular as they are so soft for hands & faces and make a great addition if you're thinking of buying a kit for bums as they are perfect for weaning.

See what our customers have to say about them:

'Would strongly recommend these. They are super soft for little hands.' Lindsay, January 2018

'Beautifully soft. We use the Terry cotton wipes for cleaning bottoms and these to give a quick dry. Would also be great on hands and faces. Great service overall.' Katherine, November 2017

'Received my Kit very quickly.  I love the products and ease of use. Plush wipes are so, so soft and a perfect size for little hands and faces.  When I was little Mum always had a flannel in a plastic bag when we went out anywhere. Cheeky Wipes are a much more modern and hygienic way to keep our little people clean. Thank you.' Gail, September 2017

Lovely and soft, quick drying. Used for face and hands and bath time, rather than bum. Cute designs too.  IM, July 2017

It's easy to take advantage of the offer, simply add more than £20 worth of GOODS (not p&p) to your order and the wipes will automatically be added at the checkout.  Use the dropdown menu to select which design of wipes you prefer, flowers, apples or penguins.

As usual, this is an exclusive offer which may not work with other offer codes or discount codes.  Please check which offer is best for you before ordering.

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