For the parents of fussy eaters everywhere....

Tuesday, 7 December 2010  |  Admin

No 2 son has become a fussy eater. He didn't start out that way, and used to eat everything in front of him, but over the last 6 months since he turned 3, he's become fussier and fussier.
We generally ignore it. He gets whatever everyone ielse is having and if he refuses to eat it, he gets nothing else until breakfast time. His big brother went through the same phase (which lasted about 2 years!) and now eats properly again. Hallelujah.
There are two foods guaranteed to be eaten at dinner time however, broccoli or potatoes. Chipped potatoes are preferable, but mashed, roast or boiled are also acceptable. He likes them unadorned with cheese or beans, just a bit of butter on the side is fine. No2 son would, in fact, eat potatoes for every meal apart from the fact that my concerns for his health and well being have so far dictated otherwise.

Until my husband sent me through this article: about a US man who ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days, in an effort to prove that they are actually good for you. The gentleman in question is an executive director of the Washington State potato commission and was trying to debunk the myth that potatoes are bad for you. He got through 20 potatoes a day (!) and over the period he lost 18 pounds in weight.
Apparently potatoes are a good source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C, so great news for my fussy boy. In fact a bowl of mashed potato with full-fat milk would in fact be a relatively balanced diet as the milk would provide fatty acids, calcium and protein.
So if you've got a fussy potato eater like me, you can rest easy that their diet isn't so unhealthy and just wait for them to outgrow their fussy habit....

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