5 FREE muslins with every 25 you spend until the end of May

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After the glorious weather a couple of weeks ago, we're really hoping that spring is just around the corner, but in the meantime you can take your mind off the weather with these lovely muslins which are sure to brighten your day. Even better news is that we're giving you a pack of 5 FREE with every £25 you spend until the end of May!

If you're pregnant for the first time, you might not know just how handy muslins can be.  They're a lifesaver in your changing bag as they can be used for so many things, for instance:

Bib - we still use these in our house for our 7 year old, because even 7 year olds struggle to eat spag bol tidily

Burp cloth - avoid getting a mouthful of sick down your back...

Changing mat cover - place a muslin onto a cold plastic changing mat so make nappy changing more pleasant for your baby

Cot / Pram sheet saver - wrapping a muslin over the end of your pram mattress where his head goes will again save on washing if your baby is sick, just whip out the soiled muslin and slip in a new one

Sleep aid - my health visitor recommended this as a sleep aid for my baby.  Get them used to going to sleep holding a mussy and you'll never have to worry about precious cuddly toys getting lost

Breastfeeding cover - if you're in a situation that you'd prefer a little bit more privacy when feeding, muslins make a handy breast feeding cover

Car shade - wind the window down a little bit, catch the top edge of the muslin in the window, wind it up again  and voila - instant car window shade

How do you get your free muslins?

Easy!  Just add at least £25 worth of goods (postage isn't included) to your basket and we'll automatically add your free muslins.  And if you spend £50, or £75, we'll make it two or three packets of muslins (it will only appear once but our lovely warehouse ladies have the skills to calculate how many you should receive)

See what customers have to say about our muslins:

'Have bought these and other items for my daughter. We loved the beautiful colours, they make us smile.' Sue, March 2018

'So pleased with these - they are slightly bigger than normal muslins, thicker and softer and just really nice.' Becky, Oct 2016





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