December Offer - Free 50ml Organic Coconut oil

2 December 2014  |  Admin

December Offer - FREE Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Travel size (50ml) worth £2.49 with every order over £15!

We are loving our new ORGANIC extra virgin coconut oil!

I've had a jar of coconut oil languishing in the back of my cupboard for a long time.  Long enough for it to go out of date (it was about about 5 years old!).  I really didn't see what all the fuss is about.  I used it with beeswax and cocoa butter to make lip balms and thought that it was OK, but there was no real smell to it and it had no impact of my skin.

However that changed when the lovely Claire (our customer service manager) mentioned that she had bought some organic extra virgin coconut oil and thought it was we bought some, gave it a try and LOVED it!  

This is one instance when it really does pay to go for the organic, extra virgin oil.  Unlike refined coconut oil, the organic extra virgin coconut oil has a fantastic coconutty smell which is a sign that it still contains all it's good fatty acids! Helen (Boss) uses it now every day as a post-shower body moisturiser - although greasy to start off with, it soaks in really quickly, leaving her dry eczema prone skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing, without any irritation.

As you know at Cheeky Wipes, we like to know EXACTLY what we are putting on our families skin, so this fantastic product fits with our 'know exactly what you are putting on your skin' ethos.  It is literally good enough to eat! Available in a 50ml travel size for £2.49 or 500ml value pack for £9.49. 

We call this our wonder oil as it has so many uses:

This is fantastic for creating super moisturising wipes, just melt a teaspoonful in a cup in the microwave (or pour boiling water over it), then add to your fresh wipes box as usual alongside your fresh wipes solution.  Give it a good sloosh around and then add your wipes.  Great for that little extra bit of luxury when wiping.

Not only is it a great body moisturiser for all the family, but it also makes a fantastic lip or nipple balm, if you have any chapping or chafing in those areas.

As if that wasn't enough, it's also a brilliant 'cloth nappy safe' baby bum barrier cream and as it is antibacterial also it can help heal mild nappy rash irritation.  And if you are into baby massage oil, coconut oil would be lovely for this purpose too.

Last, but definitely not least, it makes fantastic chocolate when mixed with cocoa powder and honey....

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