10 FREE makeup removing pads when you spend 40 during July

7 July 2020  |  Admin

Get 10 FREE reusable makeup removing pads - reusable eco-friendly alternatives

Fancy making the swap to (or topping up your stash of) reusable makeup removing pads this Plastic Free July? For FREE?

10 free reusable makeup removing pads when you spend 40

It's Plastic Free July and you may have seen lots of people talking about it in the last few days.

You might not be aware that we have recently partnered with the not-for-profit  City to Sea who are running the Plastic Free Periods campaign, aiming to stop plastic pollution at source.  They shared some truly incredible stats with us recently which really got us considering how to help MORE people,  not just our customers but also those people who haven't yet even considered us or any other reusable alternatives.

Making reusable alternatives EASY has been our passion here at Cheeky HQ for the last 12 years.  We understand that you need reusable alternatives to be simple and save you money too.   Trust me, if it's a faff, it doesn't happen, we all have kids and busy lives ourselves, we understand how important time is and that has certainly been backed up over the recent lockdown period, when we have had more time to consider our lifestyles and how sustainable they are, both in terms of consumption and in terms of what is REALLY important  to us.  

It was way back in 2008 that we launched Cheeky Wipes and our original all-in-one cloth baby wipes kit.   What makes our kit unique is that it contains EVERYTHING you need to make using cloth wipes easy, no  matter whether you were using cloth or disposable nappies. Not long after that, we introduced  our hands & faces baby wipes kit, weaning kit and mini wipes kit for cloth nappy users which all provided slightly  different solutions and options.   Plus we of course had the Cheeky cloth wipes available to buy themselves, along with many extras, including the essential oil wipes soaking solutionswipes storage containerswetbags and washbags.

It wasn't until about 5 years later in 2013 that we started considering period & pee protection.   This came as a result of us having had kids and finding that tampons and internal period protection were no longer our friend!  The first pads that we launched were the bamboo & plush pads which have been our 'go-to' option for heavier periods & moderate incontinence. However we had feedback from some customers which prompted us to develop a 100% cotton range which were thinner, but still absorbent and perfect for light to regular periods and stress / sneeze / giggle incontinence.  From this our range of cotton cloth sanitary pads were launched.

March 2014 saw us launch our toilet-paper alterrnative kit  and although it's a step too far for a lot of people, it has proven MASSIVELY popular in lockdown as you can imagine. 

We are always on the lookout for other easy swaps, with our core criteria being they needed to be eco-friendly, easy to use and would save money too.  So it seemed obvious that reusable makeup removing pads were next on our hitlist.  Makeup removing wipes and cotton wool pads are (along with baby wipes)  responsible for lots of sewer blockages and marine pollution.  But our fab reusable makeup removing pads do the job so much better when used in conjunction with coconut oil, or your normal cleanser. They come in two different variations depending on whether you prefer an oily / soapy cleanser or something like micellar water or toner. We've got a great video demo here if you'd like to take a look of them in action.  

Our most recent,   most loved and and most 'game-changing' product (YOUR words, not ours) are our pee and period protection pants.  We LOVE them.   They are just different pants that you wear on your period.  Easy.  But you tell us that you LOVE them too, which is amazing,  to the point that we are struggling to keep them in stock!  Not only are are great for periods (obvs) but also ace for those little leaks and dribbles which tend to occur after children, or as we age.  At the other end of the spectrum, they are also fantastic for teens and tweens, making periods much less of  a hassle or embarrassment.  If you are even considering trying these out, take 10 or 15 minutes to read the reviews, both on our website and on Trustpilot.  They speak for themselves.

If you haven't yet taken the plunge on making some of these changes, but Plastic Free July has left you feeling inspired, trust us; this will have you well and truly sorted to make that change. PLUS you'll get 10 free makeup removing pads worth £12 when you spend £40 which is great!

Offer is available while stocks last, but definitely ends midnight 31st July or while stocks last so get in there quick and don't forget to tell us how you get on! Please note that this is an exclusive offer and will not work in conjunction with other discount codes.

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