FREE travel changing mat when you spend 50 in October

1 October 2018  |  Admin

Get a FREE washable travel changing mat worth £15 when you spend £50 on washable baby wipes, cloth sanitary pads or makeup remover cloth pads in Oct

***Offer extended until 5th November***

It's feeling quite autumnal now isn't it?  We're thinking about putting the heating on (though at the moment, more layers is the order of the day) and enjoying dog walks through crunch leaves in the forest.

We've just taken delivery of more travel changing mats which are perfect for using both at home and out and about.

Travel Changing Mat Offer

I'd like to admit to a parenting failure here....when my eldest boy was born (a long time ago now), we had one of the changing station tables from Ikea.  Initially, it was great, nice height, everything within reach etc.

Until one day I made a big mistake.  Which to be fair was pretty stupid.  You know everyone says don't turn your back on your baby on their changing table?  Well I did...for probably about 2 or 3 seconds. And my wriggly 4 month old pushed himself backwards off his changing table, onto the floor.  Thankfully he landed on his well padded cloth nappy covered bottom and suffered absolutely no ill effects apart from scaring the bejeezus out of both him and I.  But from that point onwards the changing table was verboten and we simply changed our babies on the floor of whichever room we happened to be in, using a cloth changing mat which could simply be bunged into the wash when necessary.

Travel Changing Mats

Fast forward a few years and we've got 4 lovely bamboo and plush baby travel changing mats to offer you.  Generously sized at 90cm x 72cm, they are supersoft waterproof plush on one side and absorbent bamboo on the other.  They're available in 4 designs, grey birds, grey trees, blue dragonfly or pink dragonfly and birds to match our double wet bag and bamboo plush wipes.

You can use them at home for nappy off time...or stick in your changing bag when out and about. You can even use them as an emergency waterproof sheet!

Spend £50 during October on any of our washable baby wipes, kits, cloth sanitary pads, or reusable cotton pads for makeup removal and you'll get a travel changing mat worth £15 FREE!  To take advantage of the offer, just add £50 worth of goods to your basket (you'll also qualify for FREE UK postage), and we'll automatically add the changing mat to your basket, you can then choose which design you'd like.

Travel changing mat reviews

Customers LOVE our travel changing mats and give them 5 star's a small selection.

'The products are high quality, soft, we are very happy with the purchase.' Leah, February 2018

'this will be so nice when baby is here, no more cold plastic to rest them on, it is washable and waterproof. win' Mhairi Nov 2017

'My baby literally let out an "ahhh" when I laid him down on it.. The patterned side is so velvety. The other side is toweling. At first I wasn't sure which side to use facing up so I contacted cheeky wipes. They got back to me straight away and said that the waterproof is between the two fabrics so it's reversible, either side can be up. I use it on my bed to change baby on. That way if there are any leaks they don't soak the bed. I also have one on the pram to use out and about.' Sally July 2017

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