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1 August 2019  |  Admin

**Update 28th August** Due to the response to this promotion we are out of stock of the original patterns. You can now choose from Flamingo-Go, Starry Skies, Butterfly-Bye, Go faster Stripes and No Drama Llama

Get a FREE washable travel changing mat worth £15, plus free UK Postage when you spend £50 on washable baby wipes, cloth sanitary pads, period pants or makeup remover hot cloth cleansing pads by 31st August

Summer is finally here.  And whether you're looking forward to a chilled summer in the garden or (like us) are trying to fit your normal work into half the time and juggle school holiday clubs and childcare, it's lovely to be able to spend some time outdoors, enjoying some sunshine.

That's why this month, we're giving away one of our luxury travel changing mats which are perfect for using both at home and when out and about or on holiday.

There's a story that I should share now about changing mats and a parenting fail of mine.  I've shared it before, so apologies if you've already read about this but I think it's important enough to share again.  When I had my firstborn, we had a changing station table from Ikea. You know the sort, with drawers underneath and space to hold bits and pieces.  

And it worked well and would have continued to work well if I had been careful.  However one day I ignored the big sign on the changing station which says not to turn your back on your baby.  And I turned away to grab something from the other side of the room for a few seconds.  Duh!  My commando crawling 4 month old managed to push himself backwards off his changing table, onto the floor.  Luckily for me, he landed bum first on his very well padded cloth nappy covered bottom and aside from being quite shocked, suffered absolutely no ill effects.  Thank goodness.    But I learned my lesson and from then on we used a changing mat on the floor of whatever room we were in and simply changed him there.

Travel Changing Mats

My children are all long out of nappies, but I've never forgotten that lesson which was what inspired our lovely bamboo and plush baby travel changing mats.   They're larger than a standard changing mat,  at 90cm x 72cm, with luxurious, plush waterproof plush on one side and absorbent bamboo on the other.  The promotional changing mats are available in 4 designs,  grey birds, grey trees, blue dragonfly or pink dragonfly and birds to match our double wet bag.


They're perfect for using at home for nappy off time...or pop into your changing bag when out and about. They can even be used as an emergency waterproof sheet!

Spend £50 during August on anything on, including our washable baby wipes, kits, cloth sanitary pads, or reusable cotton pads for makeup removal and you'll get a travel changing mat worth £15 FREE! 

To take advantage of the offer, just add £50 worth of goods to your basket (you'll also qualify for FREE UK postage), and we'll automatically add the changing mat to your basket, you can then choose which design you'd like.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE LIMITED SUPPLIES OF CHANGING MATS AVAILABLE AND WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE DESIGNS IF YOUR FIRST CHOICE ISN'T AVAILABLE.  You can of course also choose not to receive the changing mat if it isn't suitable for you.

Travel changing mat reviews

Customers LOVE our travel changing mats and give them 5 star's a small selection.

'Once we graduated from the change table to the floor, its really useful to have a large soft mat to change our toddler on, this is great for that.' Thomas, April 2019

'Being absorbant and waterproof I use the mat on the floor so that my baby can have some nappy free time without me worrying about accidents. Great on top of the changing mat too as it’s warmer and softer than the plastic. Much larger than I was expecting and has washed well.' Lianne, Dec  2018


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