Freezers save you time, money and effort!

Thursday, 3 December 2009  |  Admin

A few weeks back we took delivery of a new chest freezer. I've been wanting one for AGES because until we've only had a little 3 drawer freezer inside which was about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Mainly because it was so full that I'd lost track of what we had in there.
With 3 kids who like to eat traditional kids grub (fish fingers, spag bol, shepherds pie, casserole, pizza) I tend to cook in bulk once or twice a week on the days that I'm not working. So, for example I'll cook Lamb and Apricot Tagine, but I'll make it using 3lbs of meat so I've got lots spare. Whatever isn't eaten that night is frozen in bags (small and large) for later consumption.
Now I know that this is all pretty standard 'cooking in advance' stuff which most of us to do some extent. But, oh my god, if you can get to a stage where you've got lots of things to choose from it does make menu planning SO much easier. And it makes daily life a lot easier and greener too:
Less dishes to wash up Very little preparation timeLess trips to the shops to stock up - saving time and petrolLess energy used in cooking as you're doing loads at the same time
But there's added benefits too. The sort that just make you feel good about yourself and think 'actually I'm doing OK in the domestic goddess stakes if I could only lick my fingers and stuff my face in the middle of the night'. For example:
Last week I made two loaves of banana bread to use up bananas which had gone spotty. (Pat on back for using up stuff, not throwing it out). I froze one loaf. Yesterday when it was my turn to bring the treat for coffee morning, I just lifted the banana bread out ( recipe from the superb Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache) and trotted off. The bread was lovely and I felt good about the hassle-free pleasure of bringing it.Last night I had sorted dinner for the kids and wasn't sure about what us adults would eat. I spotted some mozzarella which needed to be eaten before it went out of date, promptly thought 'Pizza' and it was literally 5 mins effort to lift 2 frozen home-made pre-cooked pizza bases (left over from previous weeks pizza making), defrost some tomato base and pop them in the oven. Quicker than waiting for Pizza delivery, cheaper AND gives you that saintly glow from using up food before it goes off and cooking it all yourself.
I definitely think I've saved money on shopping, more because I don't have to pop to the shops for essentials like bread and milk as I've got a ready stash in the freezer. And you know those 'pop-ins' always end up costing you £20 as you buy stuff you don't really need.
If you need any more persuading, because I can keep the Ice Cream maker bowl frozen and ready to use, lovely Ice Cream is only minutes away...

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