Friday Freebie

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Friday Freebie!

Introducing our NEW rainbow cotton terry cloth baby wipes.  The same lovely colours as our bamboo, but made from cotton terry towelling - our 'workhorse' fabric.

These wipes are soft enough to use on bums or hands and faces and the lovely colours won't show stains.

Washing is easy, just bung them in with a coloured wash, up to 40c (and if you're using them for bums, we recommend Dettol anti-bacterial laundry cleanser, which is great for all sorts of stinky washing, including pongy sports gear and vomit soaked duvet covers - we know from experience!)

Win one of THREE sets of rainbow cotton wipes with our Friday Freebie!

To celebrate the introduction of our new wipes, we're giving away a set of 25 wipes to one of THREE lucky winners. You can enter using our Rafflecopter here.

. You receive an entry for:

  • 'Liking' us on Facebook
  • Leaving a comment on the competition facebook post
  • Tagging a friend on the competition facebook post
  • Tweeting 'Rainbow coloured cotton terry wipes from @cheekywipes? Yes please!'
  • Leaving a blog comment below

The 3 winners will be picked at random at 10am Monday - good luck!

16 January 2015  |  6:23

I love my cheeky wipes.
The new rainbow coloured wipes look awesome x

Margaret Nash
16 January 2015  |  6:33

These new wipes would be great for our expected new arrival

16 January 2015  |  6:43

Love my cheeky wipes & these new colours are so pretty, think they are a must for my new squish due in April :)

Joy C
16 January 2015  |  6:53

I've only recently started weaning my son, and before he'll try new foods he likes to smush it up in his hands. We are going through shed loads of wipes each time he has food. And I love the colours, so pleased that you don't do just boring white

Qurratul Ainn
16 January 2015  |  7:03


Jen Tarver
16 January 2015  |  7:28

I would love a Set of Rainbow wipes! Yes please!

Alison Ribchester
16 January 2015  |  7:30

yes please!

Emma Briggs
16 January 2015  |  8:02

I have some white cotton terry wipes and love them but coloured wipes weren't available when we bought them. I'd love some rainbow wipes to brighten up my fresh box! 🌈

16 January 2015  |  8:11

What lovely vibrant colours. We're just welcoming a three week old into our family and cheeky wipes are so easy to use. Some nice bright Terry's would be a great addition to brighten up change time.

16 January 2015  |  8:30

Having a a second baby soon and would love to win this!

16 January 2015  |  8:38

Hi, I would love to win the lovely coloured wipes to use with my baby who is due at the end of April. I used the white Terry ones on my now three year old and found them so useful.

Rachel Gregory
16 January 2015  |  10:01

Love the soft feel of cheeky wipes cloths! They are very effective bottom and face cloths!

Samantha Larkin
16 January 2015  |  10:05

I'd like to win because I love cheeky wipes and would dearly love to send some to my cousin in New Zealand who has a baby due in March. I keep going on about them, it would be fab to send her some.

16 January 2015  |  10:19

LOVE the look of these, eco-friendly bonus!

Laura Ide
16 January 2015  |  10:25

i would love to win these would be a great help with my new baby due next week! I just love the colours aswell! 😃

16 January 2015  |  10:27

I would like to win to try out the wipes

16 January 2015  |  10:38

perfect to add to my existing wipes ready for arrival number 3 in April!

Michele Elton
16 January 2015  |  10:41

I love all of my Cheeky Wipes but the terry ones are my favourites. Mine are becoming very faded now after lots of washes so I would love to put a bit of rainbow colour back into my Cheeky Wipes box

Sarah Stinson
16 January 2015  |  11:08

These look great!!

16 January 2015  |  12:06

these wipes are fantastic! A must have for cloth nappy wearers :)

Fiona Mackay
16 January 2015  |  14:40

Just started using our kit so extra wipeswould be great, especially in the rainbow colours!

16 January 2015  |  15:24

I'd love to win these for my friend Emma. We've used cheeky wipes for years (oldest baby is now 5yrs old) and we recommend them to all our friends.

16 January 2015  |  18:44

Saved so much money using these with number one, they were so much better for her skin,will define use with number 2 arriving soon!

16 January 2015  |  20:07

i would love to try cheeky wipes. My son is in cloth nappies and I hear these are amazing for mucky faces and sensitive bums :-)

Kristina Head
17 January 2015  |  8:10

I love my cheeky wipes.

17 January 2015  |  8:59

Best baby purchase! So useful and good for the environment and no need to buy packets of wipes anymore. Love the fab colours too!

17 January 2015  |  14:24

I have pre ordered an all in one kit so these would be a great addition!

18 January 2015  |  8:21

I love the wipes,the more the better,we use them for bath time,potty time,everywhere!

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