Goddess Body Scrub Recipe

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You all know by now that I've got sensitive skin. That is, after all, why I started Cheeky Wipes as I found that disposable baby wipes just irritated my poor eczema ridden hands too much. I find that many commercial body creams, lotions and body baths etc also cause irritation so where possible I stay away from them. Even expensive brands like Origins (which I LOVE) and Molton Brown were no go areas. I've actually asked my in-laws and long suffering husband to stop buying me lovely body treats for Christmas and birthdays etc as I just wasn't able to use them, which is such a shame because as you know, these things aren't cheap. Bummer.

But my skin still needs to be looked after. I suffer from scaly shins. Yuck, yuck, yuck. And I find that if I don't moisturise and exfoliate pretty regularly then I start to itch and let's be honest, scratching like a monkey is never a good look. But who has got time for a lengthy body beautiful regime? 

I've blogged about this body scrub recipe before but I've tweaked it a bit. It's so good it's worth sharing again.

It also makes a FANTASTIC present to cheer someone up. I recently gave some to a friend who needed a bit of a body confidence boost and she loved it so much she asked for the recipe. So here you go:


  • 1 x small jam jar
  • Brown sugar (pref soft brown sugar)
  • Olive Oil (or other oil*)
  • Few drops of essential oil (suggestions below**)
  • Half fill the jam jar with sugar
  • Generously cover with oil. You can start with plain old olive oil, but I've also used sunflower oil, sweet almond oil etc. For a real treat use something super luxurious like avocado oil mixed in with one of the other oils.
  • Add a few drops of the essential oil. Lavender & chamomile make a really soothing scrub, but my new favourite is Rose Geranium & Rose which is great for dry more mature (ahem) skin.
  • Mix with a tea spoon.
  • When you next get into the shower, BEFORE you switch the shower on, take a tablespoon or so of the mix out of the jar and rub it all over your skin, paying special attention to problem areas.
  • Switch your shower on and rinse off excess scrub.
  • Pat dry with a big fluffy towel and embrace your inner goddess!
Anti-cellulite scrub Cypress and lemon essential oils make a great anti-cellulite scrub when combined with grapefruit for a citrussy, zesty scrub. Use with avocado oil or jojoba oil for a luxurious scrub to get rid of that orange peel effect!
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