Do you suffer from Green guilt?

Thursday, 28 May 2009  |  Admin

I do my best to be environmentally aware, without coming over all tree-hugger-y. When we shop, we try to buy local, avoid packaging and do simple things like menu planning to avoid food waste (we love The Kitchen Revolution in our house!)
We reuse and recycle where possible. My little girl is wearing dungarees to nursery which have been worn by both her brothers (although I bought her some lovely little t-shirts to wear under them, so she looks more girly.) Rather than buying new clothes each season for the boys I look on Ebay for good quality items which have usually been little worn. And that works both ways as I've recently passed on all my maternity clothes to a newly pregnant friend.
Of course, we use cloth nappies and washable wipes too which we try to air dry where possible. We wash our laundry with eco balls and I've just started making soap and lotion bars to reduce the amount of toiletries we buy.
We're aware of the energy we use in the house and when we had our loft converted recently we took that opportunity to make the house more energy efficient and increased our insulation. And before we turn our heating up, we add an extra layer of clothing and see if we really need to crank up the thermostat.
All in all I thnk we're doing OK from a green perspective. Yes, we could do more, but I do think we're doing quite a bit. So why do I feel guilty then? Well unfortunately because my parents still live in Northern Ireland, seeing my Mum and Dad means a plane trip, either for them or us. Although going by car would be preferable from an environmental perspective, it's just not realistic for a short visit. And because they still work, longer visits aren't always possible.
So that's the source of my green guilt. I can't do anything about it, so I just have to live with it....and keep on doing what I can to minimise our environmental impact in other areas.

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