Help Which fabric of washable cloth wipe is best for me?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012  |  Admin

Firstly thanks thanks to Emma for the feedback that prompted this post. Washable cloth baby wipes come in a variety of fabrics and here at Cheeky Wipes we stock:

  • premium cotton terry towelling (white, pink or turquoise)
  • bamboo
  • micro-fibre (aqua or mauve)

So how to do you choose? And what other fabrics do we NOT use... Here's our quick summary as to which fabric is best for which job and why.

Reusable baby Wipes - eco friendly

Standard Cotton Terry Towelling Reusable Wipes

Best for: Brilliant all-rounder, the 'workhorse' wipe Cost: £13.50 for the standard white wipes. Pro's: This is a great all-round wipe and has been the standard wipe in our kits for 4 years now. These wipes have the best traction out of all our wipes, so they are brilliant for getting poo off quickly. They are soft enough to use on faces and hands too, especially the coloured wipes which as you can imagine, don't show any stains! Con's: As with any sort of cotton terry towelling, these can get a build up of limescale, particularly if you live in a hard water area which can make the wipes feel crusty. This is easily remedied either with white vinegar or fabric conditioner though, so doesn't pose too much of a problem.

Bamboo Reusable Wipes Best

Bamboo Reusable Baby Wipes

Best for: Another good all-rounder, softer than terry Cost: £18.50 per 25 wipes Pro's: Bamboo is an enviromentally friendly and naturally anti-bacterial fibre, so if you want to keep things natural, our 70% bamboo / 30% cotton wipes are the softest natural wipe we have available. They still have enough traction to make short work of poo and are great for faces and hands too, being that little bit softer than terry. Cons: The only drawback on the bamboo wipes is their price, they're our most expensive wipes at £18.50

Microfibre Reusable Baby Wipes


Best for: BRILLIANT for hands and faces Pro's:Micro-fibre wipes (available in aqua or lilac) are the newest addition to the Cheeky Wipes family. They are our softest wipe, beautiful and thick which makes wiping mucky hands and faces a doddle after meal times. These wipes also offer best value for money, priced at just £10 for 25 wipes. Cons: We don't recommend using micro-fibre for poo. The nature of the fabric means that it will trap fibres - and when those fibres are poo, that's not a good thing!


Hopefully that gives you a clearer idea of which wipes are best for which purpose but, as always, if we can help further at all, please just shout.
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