Home-made Christmas #6

Thursday, 10 December 2009  |  Admin

So, it's Wednesday evening. My darling husband is out at his 2nd christmas do and I'm home alone with the littl'uns asleep. I decide to watch 'Kirsties Homemade Christmas' which I'd Sky +'d from Tuesday. I didn't watch any of the original series (not sure why) but having seen last nights programme, I'm disappointed that I didn't.
If you've been reading my previous blog posts you'll know that I've been doing a lot of homemade bits and pieces for Christmas. So when I saw Kirsty making salt-dough decorations I switched off the telly and decided to give it a go myself! At that stage, the detail wasn't online, but it's very straightforward to make:
1 cup salt1 cup water2 cups flour
I just bunged it all into my kitchenaid mixer and let it work for about 5 minutes, then got to work and started rolling the dough out. I found that I had to add extra flour as my dough was too sticky - it definitely got easier to work with as I went on, mainly because I'd added more flour to the worksurface for rolling out.
I tried cutting stars but they were too tricky (again probably because my mixture was a little on the wet side) but had a lot more success with heart shapes. Once I had them cut out, I nuked them in the microwave for about 3 minutes per plate, which was enough to dry some of them out but not others - the last batch went in the oven this morning at 180c for 15 mins.
Once cooled, I sprayed both sides with gold spray paint which I just happened to have to hand (randomly). I then threaded red bias binding material through, but you could use ribbon instead?
I thought about creating a garland, but wasn't sure what I would actually attach it to, so decided on creating a centerpiece over our table instead. I'm chuffed with the result - they definitely look homemade but isn't that the point? Would love to hear what you think.

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