Home-made Christmas #8: Mulled wine sorbet

Saturday, 19 December 2009  |  Admin

Like most people, I've got lots of family to catch up with over Christmas which involves a bit of tact and political manouevering to arrange. This year, we'll see my parents for Christmas day itself and given that my Mum LOVES christmas and her house is like Santa's grotto, my kids will have a whale of a time! So this weekend I'm seeing my sis, her partner and stepson on Saturday and on Sunday the outlaws, H's sis and husband to be and H's uncle are coming. It will be a hectic weekend but I've tried to do as much as possible in advance to avoid last minute panic.
Saturday will be easier as my sis is bringing Spag Bol and I just have to do garlic bread and desserts. 3 desserts mind you as we have to do enough for Sunday too, but luckily (?) H has offered to make a trifle on Saturday morning - and yes, that is pigs you see flying merrily high up into the sky. As he needs lots of egg yolks for his trifle custard, we'll be doing a Pavlova and choc mousse cake too. Not too calorie laden at all...
On Sunday, we're doing a full 5 course 'show-off' menu:
Pre-starter: Pea Soup Shot & Parmesan CrispStarter: Homemade Gravadlax & Wheaten Bread / Chicken Liver PateMain Course: Duck Crown with Sour Cherry Sauce, Roast Potatoes & VegPre-Dessert: Mulled Wine SorbetDessert: Choice of trifle, pavlova or choc fest
Although this sounds like loads of hassle, the pea soup, gravadlax, pate and mulled wine sorbet are already made and frozen, so it's really only the roast duck that I have to do on Sunday, so it should be straightforward. And thinking about it, I might skip the pre-dessert and just offer the mulled wine sorbet as a dessert option as everyone will be full anyway. Here's the recipe for those of you who'd like to try it (it needs a good bit of chilling and then freezing time too, so aim to make it the day before you need it).
175ml boiling water175g caster sugar1 orange1 1/2 lemons3 cloves5cm piece cinnamon barkgrating of nutmeg
Make sugar syrup by adding sugar to boiling water and stirring until dissolved. RefrigerateAdd red wine, orange zest & juice, lemon zest & juice, cinnamon & nutmeg to a pan. Bring to boiling pointRefrigerate red wine mix until coldAdd sugar syrup and red wine mix and then add to ice cream machine, or still freeze (this means putting mix into a plastic box and freezing, taking from freezer twice at hourly intervals to mash up with a fork)Add egg white to Ice Cream machine / freezer box and freeze again
This is just lovely, really refreshing, can't wait to see what everyone else thinks of it!

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