Home-made Christmas Gifts #1

Thursday, 19 November 2009  |  Admin

I don't like Christmas much. There I've said it.
But I should clarify. What I don't like about Christmas is the fact that supermarkets start getting ready for it in September (I'm sure you all saw the tabloid reports about mince pies on the shelves which were out of date by Christmas!). I hate the pressure we put on ourselves for what is, after all, just one day. I detest Christmas shopping in packed malls. And I loathe gifts which show the giver knows nothing about us....
So for a few years now (bar last year when we had a new baby arrive at the start of November) I've done home-made Christmas gifts. In the past these have been mostly food related:
Vanilla SugarRosemary and Lemon SaltChilli OilRosemary & Garlic OilSpiced Orange & Apricot ChutneyChristmas ChutneyChilli Jam
And I might well do one or two of those next week... But this year I'm focusing on bath-time smellies. I've made quite a bit of soap this year so it seems a logical progression. I made some bath salts last night which I'm recommending as a great pressie for Mums & Grandmas - after all everyone loves a soak in a warm bath. It's also a good craft idea for your kids, as it's VERY simple.
The Sea Salt and Epsom salts are great for relieving muscle tension and bicarb of soda is a good water softener. Both Epsom salts and Bicarb of Soda are available from local chemists, or try online for stockists. I use http://www.bathbomb.biz/ and got a massive 5kg of bicarb as I use it for washing too.
Bath Salts Recipe
2 cups Sea Salt2 cups Epsom Salt2 cups Bicarbonate of sodaFood Colouring (optional)Essential Oil (mandarin or lavender are great)Clean Jars for storagePut salts and bicarb of soda into a large clean mixing bowl and mix wellAdd essential oil as appropriate. Start with 10 drops and take it from thereAdd food colouring is using. Mix wellPut your bath salts into jars, label and decorate
And that's it. If your kids are like mine and are eating lots of little mandarin oranges at the moment, you can save up the peel and dry it out, either on a sunny windowsill, or by nuking for a minute or so in the microwave. This makes a great addition along with mandarin essential oil.

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