I get things done and it's a good thing!

Thursday, 18 March 2010  |  Admin

I came across the writing workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak today and it struck a chord with me. Josie asked us to think about things that we do really well or are proud of.
I get things done.
When I say 'get things done' I mean that when I set my mind to doing something is gets done (or mostly done. Attention to detail is NOT my strong point).
A recent example is our new WI in my hometown. Before Christmas I was meeting up with friends on a weekly basis, making christmas gifts of chutneys and bath salts etc.
We all joked that we were like the WI but the other WI's nearby are very much for the older generation (History of Button Making was one of the talks they were having!). A few nights later when the topic came up with other friends, they said that if there was a new WI, they'd be up for joining it.
That was my catalyst. I made some phone calls to the WI, found a room to hire monthly, set up a facebook page and started telling people about it. We had our first meeting in January, 1st speaker last month and will be cupcake decorating next week. So far it's been brilliant. I've met some lovely new people, I'm getting a night out and I'm learning new things. All good.
I may not do things perfectly (maybe a little too much on a wing and a prayer) but I get things done. Which is generally a good thing, I think?

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