I saved someone's life today, am I a superhero?

Thursday, 25 March 2010  |  Admin

On the way back from school yesterday I was having a discussion with no1 son about various characters and whether they were real or fictional. It's a fairly regular topic of conversation, given that Star Wars, Batman and Superman (occasionally the Hulk too) seem to almost be his invisible friends.
'Is Batman real?'

'No, he's fictional'.

'Oh. I want to be Batman when I grow up.'

'Well, that's a bit tricky as he's a comic book character. Why do you want to be Batman?'

'Because he gets to fight bad guys and save people's lives.'
The discussion continued and I explained that although I couldn't help with the fighting bad guys part, if he wanted he could be a Doctor or Nurse, or Fireman - amazing professions who save lives every day.
Or he could give blood. I give blood on a fairly regular basis (pregnancies do tend to mess it up a bit) because each time you do, you're saving someones life as they'd die without your blood. That sounds really dramatic but imagine your child had an accident and needed blood - you'd be delighted that someone took the time to donate.
I'm giving blood again today and no1 son will be coming with me (he likes the crisps that you get afterwards). I'm not overly fond of needles but it is really 'one quick prick and it's over' and although it is a little uncomfortable, it isn't painful. I've never had any ill-effects although I do always welcome the tea & biscuits and I'm careful not to drink too much alcohol on the same day. I did once give blood on Christmas Eve and then went out and got hammered very quickly. Pre-baby days!
Anyway, according to my son, even though I'm saving a life today that doesn't qualify me as a Superhero because I don't have any special powers. Obviously being able to locate stray items of clothing & toys which he can't find or the ability to simultaneously make breakfast, dress kids, hang washing and answer the phone don't count as Superhero powers.
Oh well. I'd look ridiculous in a Spandex outfit anyway.

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