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Cheeky partnership with the brilliant Bundlee

Celebrating our Cheeky partnership with Bundlee 

Introducing the exciting baby rental service we've teamed up with this month

Reusability and finding affordable, sustainable (not just environmentally but for us as users of them too) solutions to environmental problems have long been our passion and at the very heartof our business and product range. 

They're the exact reasons our founder, Helen, created the business and our original kits that launched with it 12 years ago.

And those same factors are all the more important - but happily at the forefront of more of our minds and households - today than ever before. 

Whether it's because Covid-19 and lockdown has got you thinking more about what you use (and don't re-use) in the home as we've spent longer there than ever before....

Or because of a happy coincidence that we're all beginning to educate ourselves more on the alternatives available to us and a sense of consumer culture and accountability for what we purchase is changing for the better....

Either way, it makes us very happy when we can introduce new people to our business, as well as champion businesses that share our values to all of you too.

Today marks the beginning of a partnership between us and the exciting and very future-focused Bundlee, the UK's first baby clothing rental service. 


As a new parent or parent-to-be (or even someone looking for a really thoughtful gift idea for someone who is) there is SO much available to buy. SO much overwhelm.

We're always told lists of things you ABSOLUTELY NEED and we panic buy our way into it. 

But did you know that these little people outgrow 7 clothing sizes in their first 2 years alone?

UK homes are crammed full of more than 180m items of outgrown baby clothing and 11m pieces of clothing are ending up in landfill every single week!
Bundlee rentals are an amazing alternative to those once worn, never again seen clothes AND what to do when the gifts you had bought for you when bubba arrived have now been outgrown and it's time to start buying for yourself. Yikes!
Why spend lots of money on clothes when you can spend a little every month but still get new ones as often as you want them through embracing renting?
AND they even do the cleaning - even if there's been a poonami! I mean....WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD!!!!
Sound interesting?
Intrigued how it works?
  • Set yourself a reminder for Wednesday 19th @ 12noon : We have a Live happening over on our insta page @cheekywipes. I'll be talking to Eve - their founder - about where it all began and how you can get started with your own Bundlee.
  • Follow both brands on @cheekywipes and @bundleebaby and keep an eye out for a Cheeky joint giveaway announcement this Friday (21st) that - trust us - you won't want to miss.
  • And beyond that, we have a discount code the lovely ladies there would like to share with you all as loyal customers of ours. Try renting with 50% off your first month, use code : CHEEKY

And if you'd like to know more about Bundlee's rental service, be sure to visit them on to learn more and subscribe.

I have and I can't wait until my first delivery arrives smiley