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It's all go in August with 10 off our ALL NEW New Mum & Baby Gift Set (PLUS 25% off Breast Pads for one week only)

Saturday, 1 August 2020

£10 OFF our beautiful new addition to the Cheeky kit brood

PLUS a big 25% OFF our cloth breast pads to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week.

That's a great start to August....

Whether for you or for someone else, we're making it easier to switch to reusables where babies are concerned (and, let's face it, they create a lot of rubbish in those early days otherwise!)...

This month we've got two great offers to take advantage of.


Ditch the disposables and switch to cloth with 25% off reusable breast pads

However you choose to feed your baby (zero judgement here #fedisbest) when you're in that 4th trimester and working out life with a newborn (and crazy hormones), your boobs leak. 

So what are your options?

It's not just from our experience but from lots of your feedback too, disposables just don't cut it on the comfort (or eco-friendly) front.....and don't even go there with the stickiness and faff.

Especially if it's a hot day like we're seeing at the moment and you're - shall we say - glowing.

This week while many celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, we're offering 25% off our 3 pair pack of cloth breast pads to make the switch from disposables that bit more affordable.

The offer runs 1st August to midnight Friday 7th so get in quick!

But that's not all we've got for you this month.......


Treat yourself or someone else with our fantastic new kit for new babies (and their mamas)

For ages now you've been telling us how much you rave about our wipes kits and accessories as perfect new baby or baby shower gifts. Woop! 

That truly makes us over the moon to hear. But it also inspired us.....

This month we're introducing our ALL NEW reusables bonanza kit for new baby (and mum!)

Our new arrival at Team Cheeky HQ. Awwwwwww

And - with a usual RRP of £56.95 - for this month only (starting Monday 3rd and running to midnight 31st) we're offering you a fab deal with a BIG £10 off 'whet the baby's head' as they say wink

The set includes :

- 25 premium cotton wipes

- A mini wet bag (assorted patterns)

- 2 maternity cloth sanitary pads (assorted patterns)

- A bundle of 3 pairs of cloth breast pads (shown above in black but coming in black, tan or white)

- 5 luxury make up removal pads

- And a tub of our gorgeous Organic Coconut Oil

All wrapped up in a beautiful trug with a ribbon and a personalisable postcard for that all important message from you.


It's going to leave you looking awesome as a gift giver (or feeling very loved as a gift receiver) and really help someone out with all the essentials they need for those early days, in reusable form.

This offer ends Midnight 31st August so get in quick for those due dates you have in the diary.


But that isn't all on the gifting front.....

If you're the parent-to-be yourself or even a friend or family member looking for a fantastic gift that'll keep giving, we don't just have our kits to offer. OH NO!


If you're the giver......

Did you know we also offer gift vouchers in denominations from £5 to £50 to spend on our site?

Our original All in one kits are also super popular too if you wanted just the wipes system itself. So many people have been converted and swear they'd never look back and only wish they'd tried them sooner.

(People using our reusable wipes can expect to save £500 that would have otherwise been spent on disposable alternatives over 2 years....that's something to think about, hey!)


Or if you're the parent-to-be and everyone's asking what you'd REALLY like or need...we also have two options for you

1. a wishlist service (look for the heart top right of the page to find out more. When you're browsing the site simply add to your list and input your email address and from there you have options to distribute or save to add more). The perfect way to tell people how they can help you save money and the planet.

2. or finally we have an email a friend option next to products themselves. Find something you like, don't add it to your basket, share it on and HINT VERY HEAVILY that someone could happily buy it for you.


Win. Win.