It's the beginning of the end...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011  |  Admin

...of breastfeeding. For me. For ever.
And I feel a bit sad about that, almost welling up writing this. Breastfeeding hasn't been an easy journey this time, but I've mostly enjoyed it and am really glad I stuck with it.
Before I went to visit my folks two weeks ago Aerin was showing NO signs of being ready to wean. But that changed literally overnight when she started watching every mouthful we took at dinnertime and started to try to grab our spoons, mimicking a baby bird, mouth open, ready to be fed.
So I went out and bought some good old fashioned baby rice. Much as I loove the idea of baby-led weaning, in principle my fear/phobia of choking means that it's a non-starter for me. I swapped her lunch time feed for a bottle feed, mixed up some baby rice and off we went. One very happy (and mucky) baby......lucky we've got plently of cheeky wipes on hand. One slightly sad and possibly melodramatic Mummy. She'll be leaving home before I know it!

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