Itti Bitti Challenge - Why is my reusable nappy leaking?

Thursday, 11 June 2009  |  Admin

Thought I'd drop a quick update of some feedback provided by Angela (mum to L, 8 months & 20 lbs) who said ' I have kept to disposables purely for convenience to be honest and to try to keep the washing down, after a while I have just become dependant on them.'
I received an email from Angela today about her first thoughts on the Itti Bitti Challenge:
'I have used the Itti bitti nappy twice now and so far have really mixed feelings about them. Unfortunately on both occasions that I used the nappy my little girls trousers felt slightly damp where she had wet through, the nappy was not on for very long at all so I was quite surprised at how wet her trousers felt. One of the nappies was a dirty one and to be fair without being too disgusting it was a pretty dry poop so not much spread at all so was really contained within the nappy.
On the plus side the nappies fit really well and look realy comfortable as well as look really snazzy, on the 'how big does my bum look in this' scale my little ones bum looked quite small in comparision to the bulk from a disposable.
The nappy does wash really well and dries really quickly, due to the dampness I had to wash the whole nappy inc the inner liners. I am going to continue to use the nappy and will continue to update you on my findings as I feel to use it twice and give my verdict is not altogether fair. My little girl really loves the nappy too and loves the feel of it on her face lol, just have to be quick to stop her cuddling it when it has just come of her little bottom!'

I'm pretty sure that I can solve the wetness issue as L is in the right sized nappy. Here's my recommendations to see if we can fix it:
First off, when you put the nappy on, make sure you do it tight enough. The nappies are quite low-rise and if they're not tight enough, they can slide down a bit which causes leaking. Basically you want it to be as tight as possible around the middle as that makes the legs tighter too. I know that this has been a problem when I've sent F off to nursery and they change him there, I always do his nappy up with just one popper gap in the middle, but sometimes he comes back with 2 or 3 and that can cause leaking.Secondly, when you've put the nappy on, run your finger around the legs and the back to make sure there aren't big white bits sticking out and that all the nappy absorbent bit is tucked in. You'll always see a little bit of the inner showing, but if there's a lot, moisture will wick onto clothes.
Angels dropped me a further email, confirming that maybe she hadn't been tightening the nappies enough, so she's going to try that and come back to me. Hopefully that will help someone else out there who's never tried an Itti Bitti nappy before! Come back soon for further updates from the rest of our challengers.

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