Itti Bitti Cloth Nappy - Challenge

Friday, 5 June 2009  |  Admin

The nappies have finally gone out to the first of my Itti Bitti Cloth Nappy Challengers, so I thought I'd introduce a few of them and let them tell you about their feelings on nappies:
Fliss A, Mum to J (18 months), currently uses 4 or 5 pampers baby active a day. 'I always wanted to use cloth, but thought I would start with disposables so I didn't have to worry about washing in the early days leaving me time to get to grips with motherhood in general. I tried one cloth nappy when J was approx 3 months, but it was massive & leaked (I forget the name of it) & have never really bothered again!'
Louise D, Mum to W (aged 10 weeks) 'W is my second child and I always fancied trying reusable nappies with my first baby but I was quite scared! I'm worried about shelling out for a stack of nappies to take us up until potty training and then not getting on with them so they're left unused. My main concern is the amount of washing involved, there's no nappy collection scheme in our area and our washing machine is located in the outhouse so keeping on top of the normal washing is already a challenge!'
Angela B, Mum to L, (8 months) 'I have kept to disposables purely for convenience to be honest and to try to keep the washing down, after a while I have just become dependant on them.'
Johanne G, Mum to J (13 years) and E (5 months) 'My mum used cloth nappies with me and used to go through around 12 a day because of my skin, J is like me and I assumed Eloise would be the same. So I stuck with pampers which were fine for J. However I keep looking online as I am not as comfortable using sposies as I was with J 13 years ago.'
Helen H, Mum to J, (23 months) and I (10 weeks) 'I did plan to use cloth but never got round to it. I even bought some second hand off online but I never figured out how they did up so they never got used!!! I also think that I envisaged so much extra washing but have found that using cheeky wipes has made no difference. J has always had quite squishy poo so I dont really fancy peeling it off either. '
It's been interesting for me to hear reasons why people don't use cloth. I'll have a few more to update over the weekend and hopefully will be able to start posting some feedback soon.
Things are looking good already as I've had one person contact me to buy some extra boosters to give it a proper go, so I'm delighted that everyone is really taking the challenge on board.

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