Itti Bitti D'Lish Nappy Challenge Update

Thursday, 18 June 2009  |  Admin

Just had an update on the Itti Bitti Cloth Nappy Challenge from Jodie G, mum to J (13 years) and E (8 months). 'I am not as comfortable using 'sposies as I was with J 13 years ago, so have been looking online for an alternative'. Jodie was so keen to give the challenge a real go that she bought another couple of nappies and some extra boosters - here's her feedback to date:
'I thought that now my order has arrived I'd update you with our thoughts on the nappy! Up till the order arrived I tended to put her in the d'lish once a day, normally if we were going out we'd use it then. I hoped that doing this Mr D would realise that its not that scary having her in clothies.
The nappy lasted for around 4 hours before it got really hard and E herself would start to look uncomfortable in it, never once though did the outer shell get damp and my girl wees a LOT!
We also only had one leaky nappy and that was totally my fault, hadn't run my finger as I normally would around the legs and a little of the insert was exposed. Dirty nappies well, they have been really well contained up to now. I didn't get a fleece liner so I got some disposable ones instead so not even a mark on the inserts.
Everything washes up really well, dries really quickly so all in all I was looking forward to my order arriving, which it did so today was our first full day in the nappy and I'm impressed! I have a load of washing ready to go in tonight with a bag for the inserts all ready to go. We still have 5 to keep us going tomorrow too and I am looking forward to it.
I'm not daft enough to think that we'll never have a big leak or an exploding nappy but I'd get those with a 'sposie too so we'll del with it and hopefully within a day or two I'll be brave enough to do the full 24 hours instead of wimping out and putting a pampers on at night!
Mr D has taken it all on board and is happy with how the nappies have preformed, J thinks they are pretty cool and E loves them, she giggles when I show her one and sticks her legs up in the air.
Thanks for choosing us to do the challenge, I'm really enjoying it and am definitely on the road to converting altogether!'
I'll post further updates as I receive them, but this feedback has definitely brought a smile to my face.

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