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Our cloth sanitary pads (CSP) were super popular during our recent Real Nappy Week, with many of you trying them for the first time.   

Won't Cloth Sanitary Pads be bulky and obvious?

Well no.  As you can see from the pic above, in just your knickers you can see the pad, but in normal clothing, even tight gym leggings, you can't see anything.   If you're already a pad user, then we reckon CSP are a no brainer.  They are softer and more hygienic and let's face it, wouldn't you rather have cotton or bamboo fabric against your sensitive lady bits rather than paper?

We've got two different types of pads to choose from: Bamboo & plush or Cotton / Organic Cotton

Patterned Bamboo Plush Pads, charcoal top Full kit, solid colour bamboo plush pads, bamboo top
Bamboo & plush patterned sanitary pads bamboo top

Multipack, patterned bamboo plush, charcoal top

Cotton Ultrapads kit, pink flowers Starter pack, organic cotton 'pink flowers' with flowers bag
Reusable Sanitary Pads kit Starter pack organic cotton 'erin flower' with apples bag


So what's the difference between the types of Cloth Sanitary Pads?

Bamboo Plush Cheeky pads are the most absorbent of the two, so great if your periods are on the heavier side, or for maternity use.  They're made from layers of PUL (waterproof) plush, with a microfibre core which is super absorbent.  The tops are then either bamboo terry which is a creamy coloured material, or bamboo charcoal which is a grey microfleece.  The main differences between the two top materials is the colour (obviously), as the grey colour is less likely to show any staining.  In addition, the charcoal fabric is allegedly more odour absorbing, although we've never found odour to be a problem with any of the pads.

Our cotton or organic cotton 'Ultrapads' cloth sanitary pads are slimmer and therefore more like a disposable pad....without the sticky bits which can catch on your hairs!  Ouch.  They're made from an outer later of patterned PUL cotton or organic cotton, with internal and top layers of cotton also.  They are still absorbent, but probably less absorbent than our Cheeky Mama pads, however most people will find them perfect for 'normal' periods.

Customer reviews for Cloth Sanitary Pads

Ultrapad Multipack -  Was worried these wouldn't be suitable/comfortable because I wear thongs but they were fine. Delighted!  Katy, May 17

CSP Starter Kit - Fantastic, comfortable and earth friendly way of having your period! I was a bit apprehensive, but these do work well and feel so much fresher than store-bought pads. I'm happy, will be ordering more soon.  Katarzyna, May 17

How to take advantage of the offer

It's easy, simply add the pads to your basket and the 25% discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.

PLEASE NOTE, this is an exclusive promotion and other discounts and promotions may not work in conjunction with this offer.


21 August 2017  |  18:54

Gutted I missed the June promo on these! I've been meaning to try them for ages 😭 I have one question before buying...I'm a bit funny about the feel of super soft fabrics (like fleece or minky), they're like nails on a blackboard to me...BUT...with heavy periods I'm thinking the cotton pads aren't going to cope? .I'm hoping the Mindy won't feel too weird in a sanitary pad but what do you think? Still worth a shot? I despise commercial pads 😔 and really want to move away from them!!

22 August 2017  |  10:02

Hi Liz,
Ooh, tough one. Why don't you try one of each, but go for the slightly bigger night time pad in the cotton and see how you get on?

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