Benefits of gale force winds!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009  |  Admin

The current run of windy weather (which makes me feel as if I'm back living in Northern Ireland where it's windy like this practically all the time!) makes me feel like my Mum sometimes. How so? Well, weather like this always prompts my Mum to remark 'great weather for drying', i.e. should you choose to hang your washing on the line, it is likely to be dry rather sooner than later. And nowadays, with my washing machine on at least once, if not twice a day, I often find myself saying the same thing. I know, I'm SO exciting.
So why should you hang your washing out to dry, rather than just stick it in the tumble-drier? Here's a little reminder:
You'll save money - tumble-drying all your washing (5 loads a week) costs around £50 per yearYou'll be doing your bit for the environment by saving on electricityYour house won't resemble a laundromat with clothes hanging over every available radiator spaceYour clothes will smell LOVELY. No need for Febreze in this householdYou'll work off some calories by standing in the freezing cold attempting to peg out your smallsSunlight will bleach away organic food stains (carrot etc). Yes, really!
And here's how to avoid those pitfalls of washing on a line:
To avoid wrinkles, shake each item thoroughly before pegging

To avoid crispy jeans and towels, tumble dry for 5 mins to fluff then line dryHow to hang trousers - Pin the hems of the legs to the line with the waist hanging downHanging shirts and tops - Pin the shirts by the bottom hem at the side seams, or (my favourite) hang on the line on a clothes hangerHanging Socks - Put the socks together in pairs and peg the toes to the line, letting the socks dangle open for quicker drying
Now - all you need is a washing line and some wind. Plenty of that around at the mo. Stay safe everyone.

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