Cheeky Wipes Loyalty Points & VIP Postage Scheme

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We've recently introduced TWO new ways to Thank you for being part of the Cheeky Wipes family.

FREE VIP Postage for life

Firstly, you can now choose to pay a one-off, upfront payment of £5 when you checkout, to receive FREE UK postage for life.  Perfect if you think you'll be stocking up on smaller items, like more wipes or oils at a later date.  It also guarantees you priority handling, which is great if we are running a sale, as your order will be processed first.

Just select the appropriate option from the drop down 'shipping options' list on checkout and we will then add you to the VIP postage group for all future purchases.

Alternatively, if you spend £100 or more, either in one order, or over a few orders we will automatically add you to our VIP postage list and drop you an email to let you know. This applies to all orders placed from 1st January 2015 - if you think you qualify for this, but haven't been contacted, do drop us a line to and we will investigate.

Cheeky Loyalty Points 

We know that you could buy elsewhere, so, every time you buy from us from today (1st June 2015) you get back 3% in points on all goods purchased (not postage) which can be accrued and spent next time you shop you with us.

Example:  Buy an all-in-one kit for £39.99, accrue 39 points, worth £1.17.

We make this as easy as possible for you - it all happens automatically once you are logged in.

How do I earn Cheeky loyalty points?

It's easy, you just need to create an account upon check-out and you will then accrue points on every order, but please note that you won't receive any loyalty points for your order if you check-out as a guest.  In addition, any returns and refunds will be deducted from your points total.

How do I redeem my Cheeky loyalty points?

 Every time you log in at, our system will ask upon checkout if you want to use your points.  If you say yes then they will automatically be used, bringing the price down of your goods by the amount saved.

What happens if I want to save my Cheeky points?

You can save your points for up to 12 months, when asked if you want to use your points you can just ignore it and they won’t be used. They will be there waiting for you next time you log in.

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