Meat-free March - it's the final week!

Friday, 26 March 2010  |  Admin

We're in week 5 of our 'Meat-free March'....and I know there aren't 5 weeks in a month, but it falls over 5 shopping weeks if you know what I mean.
Week 4 was probably the most balanced week's menu - it wasn't overly focused on one food group so it worked really well. We started last Friday night with big, juicy, mushroom baguettes. Fabulous, breakfast mushrooms slathered with garlic butter and fresh, crispy french bread. Perfect Friday evening food which has to be easy to make, easy to clear up and suitable for drinking with red wine!
Saturday we had falafel burgers. These were OK. Good texture but a little bit lacking in flavour. I've tried to make these before and I've never succeeded in making them well, so if anyone has any tips for me, please feel free to share.
Sunday we worked up an appetite with a trip to Bodiam Castle and then had this lovely Veggie Shepherds Pie. It was GREAT! Although the tin of lentils which has been lurking at the back for my cupboard for (cough) 4 years turned out to be french cassoulet - sort of beans and sausages. So it wasn't exactly completely vegetarian, but was darn tasty anyway.
Monday night a friend came round to share this wonderful Greek Pie. It was really simple to prepare and coating the filo pastry with the oil from the sundried tomatoes made it really savoury. Will definitely be doing this one again.
Our Thai Noodle soup on Tuesday was great too. Again, quick to prepare, with clean, refreshing flavours. My eldest son loved this, although I made his without the chilli.
Wednesday's Puttanesca sauce was lovely and a winner with all the children also. The lovely sweet-sour taste of capers, olives and tomatoes makes such a fantastic supper and it's a great left-over packed lunch the next day.
We rounded off the week with a larder feast of bulghar wheat and sardines. This is a quick and easy meal and my sister in law who had never tried bulghar wheat before really enjoyed it.
So now on to our final week:
Friday - veggie pizzausing the pizza bases I froze a couple of weeks ago

Saturday - we're out for dinner, so just fish fingers and chips for the kids!

Sunday - Butter Bean & Broccoli Salad This recipe is similar, but my recipe contains broccoli rather than olives, which soaks up all the lovely lemony dressing

Monday - Tuna Empanada

Tuesday - Salmon & Miso Noodle Soup

Wednesday - Pasta with tapenade and goats cheese - similar recipe here

Thursday - Freezer Surprise, probably Thai Fishcakes again!
I'll post next week with a review of this week - but I have to say at this point I'm looking forward to a nice juicy steak!

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