Meat-Free March - week 1 update, week 2 mealplan

Friday, 5 March 2010  |  Admin

Week 1 Review

Well last Sunday saw the start of my 'Meat-free March' with the delicious Lemon Butternut Lasagne. The adults and the baby loved this, but 2 middle boys were extremely undecided. Too bad, it made an extra one which is now in the freezer and will be produced later this month!
Monday night I made Thai Fishcakes which were gorgeous. I've got a mental cooking block when it comes to standard potato based fishcakes which I've never managed to make successfully. In fact the last lot were so horrid I threw them out before my husband got home and he had cereal for tea! These were YUMMY. Easy to make with a gorgeous slightly sweet / sour dipping sauce that I could have eaten on it's own. Because my eldest got fed on a playdate, I've got a meals worth of these in the freezer to look forward to also.
Tuesday was a storecupboard special for the adults as little ones had been fed at nursery -Grown up beans on toast. These garlicky, salty beans were just yummy on toasted baguette and Mr CW got to take some to work on Wednesday too.
Purple Spouting Broccoli, Anchovy & PastaThis was the meal that I was unsure about for two reasons. One, I didn't know how tasty it would be and two, would my littlu'ns balk at just pasta with broccoli? I was worrying unnecessarily. They LOVED it with eldest son having thirds and the baby gobbling it up too. A definite winner.

Thursday was Bulgar Wheat & Sardines. I've made this one before but I'm always amazed at how tasty it is. I have to say I'm a little squeamish about the bones, but a good dollop of pesto really makes this a flavoursome meal - cheap as chips too.
Tonight (Friday) was planned to be veggie Pizza, but I'd forgotten we're out for dinner tonight with friends as a joint birthday treat to Newick Park which I'm really looking forward to. So the veggie Pizza is relegated and we'll have it tomorrow night instead.
Budget: Last weeks grocery shopping came to about £110, but it was my week to do a big shop for cat food, there were a couple of bottles of wine and washing up liquid and washing powder bulk buys too.
Week 2 Meal Plan
4 of the recipes from this week are taken from the April Week 3. Our Sunday lunch forms the basis for our meals on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday evening, meaning less cooking for me on those evenings (yippee!) And I know that there's bacon in a couple of the recipes, but as I said last week as long as meat doesn't form the main ingredient in the dish, then that's acceptable.
Saturday: Veggie PizzaSunday: Smoked Haddock, Peas, Bacon with Jacket Potatoes & Mustard Cabbage (similar recipe here)Monday: Fish Pie (using leftover haddock from Sunday)Tuesday: Stuffed Baked Potatoes with spinach, bacon & cheese (using leftover jacket potatoes)Wednesday: Pasta with bacon, pea and parmesan (bacon and pea sauce left over from Sunday)Thursday: will be 'freezer surprise', in this case, the Thai fishcakes from last week.
If you're following me, why not join in and let me know what you think? Or if you've got any favourite meat free recipe's you'd like to share, please feel free.

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