Meat-free March - week 2 review, week 3 recipes

Thursday, 11 March 2010  |  Admin

I'll start this week with my review of last weeks menu. Although I really enjoyed all the meals, I'm completely over the creamy / fishy / dairy thing from last week. My house still smells of fish 4 days later, yuck.
I had planned Veggie Pizza for last Saturday, but an unexpected trip to Eastbourne pier for fish and chips at lunchtime meant that no-one was hungry at tea-time. So it was a 'Sunday night special' of cereal for tea all round (Does this happen in anyone else's house???) Veggie Pizza is making it's final appearance on our menu for Friday night dinner this week.
Sunday we invited the in-laws round for a gorgeous meal of Smoked Haddock, Peas, Bacon with Jacket Potatoes & Mustard Cabbage. This was pretty easy to prepare and very tasty, even though I forgot the mustard in the cabbage. It provided leftovers for meals on the following three nights too which was a bonus. No 1 son enjoyed the fish, and no 2 son enjoyed the jacket potatoes, so it was pretty successful with the children too.
Monday's Fish Pie (using leftover haddock from Sunday) was also very tasty but the slight downside was the amount of washing up created - I think I counted 3 saucepans needed which was a bit extreme for a mid-week supper. Very savoury though, with buttery leeks as the base which varied the flavour enough from Sundays meal.
On Tuesday we had stuffed baked potatoes, with spinach, bacon & cheese. I liked these because the spinach made you feel virtuous and they were substantial and comforting.
The winning meal from my childrens perspective was pasta with pea, bacon and parmesan on Wednesday - made with bacon and pea sauce left over from Sunday. Really easy to do because there was no preparation of the sauce and my eldest son had 3rd helpings.
A trip to Jamie Olivers Italian in Brighton on Thursday for lunch meant that our ‘freezer surprise' dinner stayed in the freezer for another week.... And the lunch was fabulous in case you were wondering. Lovely little stuffed pepper nibbles that I'll be looking to replicate sometime soon.
Stuffed Peppers (BBC Good Food)
Anyway, next weeks menu has a definite mediterannean feel (possibly inspired by my trip to Jamie Oliver today). Here goes:
Friday - Veggie Pizza (Promise!)Saturday -Falafel Burgers
Sunday -Paella
Monday - Couscous with Pomegranate Molassses - this recipe is similar but my recipe adds FetaTuesday - Stuffed Peppers
Wednesday - Pasta with Cherry tomato, rocket & olive sauceThursday - Freezer surprise (probably thai fishcakes....)
Hopefully that's given you some inspiration - again would love to hear from you if you're trying any of the recipes, or you'd like to share any of your own?

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