Meat-Free March

Tuesday, 21 February 2012  |  Admin

This is a bit of a heads up everyone. 'Meat-free March' is coming up shortly so we're giving you advance notice so if you want to join in you're welcome.If (like me) you sometimes get stuck in a rut of eating the same meals over and over again each week, then this is a great opportunity to try new things – we promise you won't miss meat!This will be the third year that we've gone meat-free in March. Eating less meat is better for the environment and eating more veg is always a good thing from a nutritional viewpoint! Plus sometimes it's just good to try new things.If you fancy joining in (even for a couple of nights a week) then we'll share our menu-plan in advance so that you can get your groceries sorted. If you're already meat-free and have fantastic family recipes to share, then feel free to leave us details as a comment below, or on a link to our facebook page.We'll have the first one menu-plan live next Tuesday, 28th February.....

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