Menu Planning (January Review)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011  |  Admin

A couple of weeks ago I posted my to-date menu plan for January and we've just kicked off our Meat-Free February which I'll update on next week.
Again, quite a few of the recipes are from The Kitchen Revolution and are linked to one another and marked with a 'K'. For example, the 'Bollito Misto' aka poached chicken, provided the basis for the toad in the hold and risotto later that week.
If I’ve used an online recipe or can find something similar, I’ve included a link to it, if it was a batch meal I’ve put an asterisk beside it. There's also a few comments on my favourites below.
Risotto K
Toad in the hole, onion gravy K
Jacket potato
Bollito misto K
Three onion Soup
Pasta ribbons & tomato beans. K
Moussaka. K
Olive and anchovy lamb, garlic beans, veg. K
Coq au vin* and chips. K
Fish and chips from chip shop (Obv I didn't cook this!)
There are two sets of linked meals here - the lamb was SO tasty and delish and I had lots of yummy beans left over which made a really flavoursome pasta bake a couple of days later.
For me though, the highlight of these recipes are the other kitchen revolution ones - Bollito Misto, Toad in the hole and Risotto. Bollito Misto (in this instance) is a whole chicken which is poached in a really tasty stock, with celery, half onions, carrots, bay leaves, lemon rind, thyme and parsley. It needs to be really gently simmered (not boiled!!!) for about 90 mins (for a 1.8kg chicken) and I added 12 sausages for the last 30 minutes of cooking.
The Kitchen Revolution cookbook suggests that this is served with lentils and salsa verda, but my kids aren't overly fussed on lentils (although I LOVE them, especially with salsa verde) so we had mashed potato and I made gravy with some of the stock.
We had leftover stock, cooked onions and sausages. The sausages and cooked onions made a fantastic toad in the hole - which actually puffed up the way it's supposed to! I think the key is getting the oil smoking hot before you add the batter and then keeping it on direct heat until the batter starts to rise before putting it back in the oven.
The stock made a beautiful leek herby risotto, but I had lots of chicken left too, so I added this in to make it a bit more substantial.
The only batch meal I made was Coq au Vin which went down well but as I knew we were moving into our meat-free month I didn't bother with any more...

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