'They should put you in a corner with a screen around you...'

Thursday, 23 June 2011  |  Admin

Just a quick one from me. You might have realised that it's National Breastfeeding awareness week (even the Daily Mail picked up on the breastfeeding 'flashmobs' around the country). I thought I'd share a little story with you, which happened today in my Doctors surgery.
I'd taken Aerin for her first round of jabs and, not surprisingly, the poor bubba objected to having both of her starting-to-be-chubby thighs speared by the quite scary nurse. It was the same scary nurse who administered my flu jab, in the waiting room, javelin stylie, but that's another story.

You have to wait around afterwards, so I promised Aerin a bit of booby to take her mind off her trauma. I'd forgotten my mamascarf and obviously she was a bit grumpy, so she fussed a bit latching on, pulling my cardigan up which I was trying to use to feed discreetly and generally not being terribly helpful.
The waiting room was full. Directly across from me sat a lady in her late 40's with her teenage daughter who smiled reassuringly when she saw I was breastfeeding and obviously having a few 'issues' with my wriggly daughter. To one side sat a lady in her 70's who had previously informed me that she never bothered with any vaccinations for her kids, back in the 50's they didn't have any and it didn't do her lot any harm. Hmmm.
As she got up to leave she stopped and said 'I think it's a shame, they should cordon off a bit of the room and put a screen around you'.
Now, I *think* she was trying to be helpful and supportive, suggesting that we might have been more comfortable in private where we weren't in full view of everyone. And she was of a different generation, where breastfeeding in public wasn't the done thing. And luckily I'm not an overly sensitive person or a first time Mum who might have taken it differently.
But if you see someone like me, with a little wriggly one just remember it's always better simply to smile reassuringly and say nothing.

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