National Breast-feeding week and Post-baby boobs

Friday, 29 June 2012  |  Admin

Breast-feeding wasn't easy for me as I've mentioned before.

I did breastfeed all of my lovely bubbas for between 4 and 8 months, which I'm really happy and proud of as I understand the benefits of breast-feeding.

For me one of the main benefits of breast-feeding was (particularly with the two girls) a chance to sit down and focus on my baby exclusively. All too often that would almost be my only chance during the day to have some one on one time, as the other children obviously needed attention too.

But there will be no more new babies at Cheeky Wipes HQ. So I've knuckled down and did my Jillian Michaels DVD's and watched what I was eating (ish). The end result is a new slimmer me (I'm probably as slim as I ever was before kids) but unfortunately my once plump boobs have taken a hit...

Thankfully they're not quite at the 'empty sack' stage, but definitely not the glorious mounds of plumpness that they were before. (TMI? Maybe, but it is a post about boobs after all.....)

Now, day to day this isn't really a problem. I live in jeans and tops and not much else unless I've got some sort of special occasion coming up. Like last weekend for example, when we had a wedding evening do to go to. I hunted in my wardrobe and found a very nice strapless satin dress which I'd only worn once and thought 'perfect!'.

Now strapless dresses are never particularly flattering, but I looked completely flat chested. Like totally. Given that this was a Thursday evening and the wedding was on Saturday, I'd obviously left it a bit last minute for a boob job..... In desperation I googled chicken fillets and came across Silicone Sally.

This fantastic website has a wealth of information for anyone boob challenged like myself and a really handy breast enhancer style guide.

From this, I worked out that I needed a style 7, so I ordered it immediately, crossing my fingers that it would arrive in time.... And it did, being shipped the next day and I received it on the following day - thanks for such super-quick service! The 'chicken fillets' that I went for were clear in colour but I can completely understand how they get their name as they're roughly the same size and shape as a chicken fillet.

Pretty much what you'd expect a silicone impant to look like actually. I tucked them into my strapless bra and tried on my dress and was very impressed with the result. My boobs looked great, not in your face mahoosive, but 'normal' for me.

When I had my dress on, they gave me shape and fullness underneath my boob which was lacking previously. They were really comfortable to wear too, once I had them stuffed inside my bra, I forgot they were there. One thing I would recommend though if you're going to use them with a strapless dress (or just wearing any strapless dress actually) is to buy some 'tit tape' which you can use to stick your dress to your bra / skin.

This saves you from thinking that you're going to fall out and having to hitch the front of your dress up constantly which is never a good look.

I had a wonderful time that evening, I felt confident and boogied away on the dancefloor (obviously, as I don't get out much...LOL). I don't begrudge my boobs to my babies, but they're still mine at the end of the day and I want them to look as good as they can! So, if you find yourself in a similar position, consider the chicken fillets. We won't tell anyone...

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