NEC Baby Show Review - Baby Wheeleasy

Thursday, 27 May 2010  |  Admin

I haven't been around much this week because I've been catching up from attending the NEC Baby show last week / taking a teeny tiny bit of time off.
Aside from the thieving gypsies who unfortunately reinforced cultural stereotypes (yes, they were actual travelling folk and they were actually thieving) the most interesting thing I saw all weekend was the Baby Wheeleasy which is designed for wheeling stage 0 baby car seats around - avoiding the swinging, bumping and heaving which generally accompanies moving these car seats.

It particularly caught my attention because my Mum is an auxiliary nurse in a maternity unit and has been for the past 25 years. She's now got a shoulder injury which she reckons is down to the fact that for many years it was standard practice for auxiliary nurses to have to carry new babies off the premises and actually put them into waiting cars. No real idea why they had to do it, something due to health and safety but which has fallen by the wayside as staff don't have time to do it anymore.
Anyway, I digress. Basically the Baby Wheeleasy is a little set of wheels which your car seat straps into so that you can pull / push it around easily. I'm guessing it would be especially helpful if you'd just had a caesarian, but of course you'd still have to lift it into / out of cars.
I don't think I'd use it as an alternative to a pram as your baby is really low to the ground, but for anyone who struggles to lift a car seat, this may well be the answer you're looking for. The Baby Wheeleasy is priced at £34.95 and is available from Baby Wheel Easy.

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