New Limited Edition Large 'Mansize' Bamboo wipes available

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New Limited Edition Large 'Mansize' Bamboo wipes available


We've listened to the feedback from those of you with partners on the larger end of the scale and introduced new 'Mansize' 20cm x 20cm wipes - currently available in bamboo only, priced from £6 for 5.

Our regular wipes are still 15cm x 15cm - that's because they cover most regular sized hands completely - women and men too!

You can still soak these in your Cheeky Wipes boxes - they won't lie flat but as long as they are covered in water / oil solution that doesn't matter, just squidge them in!  (Or better still, if you have a spare mucky box, you can soak them flat in those boxes instead).

The larger bamboo wipes are available in packs of 5, 10, or 25, so you can simply add a few to your order specially for your other half.

Let us know what you think of them - these are a limited edition to get your feedback before we start production in full.

Roseanna Eastoe
22 October 2015  |  20:03

Very interested to get some of these larger wipes... I'm wondering, will they fit flat in the mucky wipes box??

30 October 2015  |  8:31

How much are the 25 man size pack?

30 October 2015  |  11:45

Hi Roseanna . Remi, apologies these larger wipes have now been discontinued.

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