New Years Resolution #2: Lunch-boxes

Tuesday, 26 January 2010  |  Admin

Part 2 of my New years Resolution is something that we've tried (and failed) to do before. Lunch boxes for my lovely husband. This was brought about by the realisation that our car just wasn't suitable for longer journeys with all the family. The middle seat in the back was just a lap belt, which didn't feel very safe and was very awkward to do up. So we're taking the plunge and getting a Ford S-Max. We looked at a Chrysler Voyager, and although it was very spacious, at 26 mpg I almost got a nervous twitch at the thought of the cost of using it - both environmentally and budgetary.
Anyhow, we're getting the S-Max on the basis that we save money elsewhere and the obvious place to start saving is my husbands breakfast / lunch. He leaves the house so early that he usually picks up coffee and a pastry when he gets to London and then pops out for a sandwich and a drink at lunchtime. He reckoned he was spending between £8 and £10 every day on food which is between £160 and £200 every month!
And so far so good. For breakfasts he's either having some yummyhome-made yogurt with oaty crunch, or a muffin / breakfast slice. I particularly like the white chocolate, raspberry and cinnamon blondie from Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache which both at least contain some veg (carrots in the muffin and butternut squash in the blondie).
For lunches, there's the standard orange juice and a piece of fruit, then a little treat which is either a small piece of cake or some 'nibl' type snacks dried fruit. But it's the lunch 'main course' which has actually been easiest to sort out much to my surprise. Rather than sandwiches / rolls every day which could be monotonous, I cook a little extra most evenings and save this for the next day. I'm not talking meat and two veg here, but pasta bakes, chicken and couscous and my personal fave, Thai noodle soup.
So far it's been fairly easy, as it's all packed up the night before...although I have to admit to getting up early this morning as the fishcakes we had last night wouldn't have reheated well. If you fancy sharing your lunch box ideas, please feel free to share them - either here or on my facebook page

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