New Years Resolutions?? Ha!

Monday, 27 December 2010  |  Admin

I came across a request for submissions to a special seasonal Friday Club over at Notes from Home. The theme is 'New Years Resolutions'.
Now, I've never really been one for New Years resolutions as such as I tend to make resolutions throughout the year on an ongoing basis. Only to break them within days. But I thought I might have another go this year as there's SO much I could improve in my life....
1. I resolve to maintain my current level of interest in my new beech block wooden worktop. Since installation (2 weeks ago) I have religiously sanded and oiled the surface every other night like a good girl. Which I appreciate is necessary to preserve the look of said worktop ongoing, but which I also might get a teensy bit bored of, 2 weeks further down the line.
2. I resolve to take a deep breath and count to 10 BEFORE screaming/yelling like a banshee at my children. No matter what the provocation. Even if they have written over the walls / peed on the new sofa / sneaked a lemon drizzle cake into the teepee in their bedroom and scoffed half of it / flooded the bathroom floor (again).
3. I resolve to take a deep breath and count to 10 BEFORE rising to the bait that my husband lays in his so carefully worded traps. I resolve to then ignore said comment in the manner of a bison ignoring a swarm of pesky buzzing flies.
4. I resolve to first eat a piece of fruit if I feel hungry rather than reaching for a lump of chocolate / cake. This is going to be a tricky one, I've been trying it for a few weeks now and not doing so well. Blaming it on my baby bump can only continue for another three months (although after that I can blame breast-feeding, yippee).
5. I resolve to deal with left-over food immediately by either freezing it, binning it or actually using it up. As opposed to putting it in the fridge in a cling-film wrapped bowl, only to find it covered in mould two weeks later.
I was aiming for 10 New Years resolutions but somehow I think with the 5 I've got, I've got enough on my plate! Would love to hear any New Years resolutions you can share...
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