No-fly zone in East Sussex, mini-tornado's on the loose

Tuesday, 18 May 2010  |  Admin

Jodie's writing workshop this week came at an appropriate time. Inspired by the (Nudie) Princess Diaries and tales of wanton destruction wreaked by small children, and given that both my littl'est ones (F who will be 3 next month, and J, 18 months) have been in tornado mode for the last week, it struck a chord with me.
We've had a trail of devastation this week that would compare favourably with two mini-tornadoes.
Firstly, we had 'the domino game' where F (probably with J as his willing accomplice) dropped their big brothers domino's down the outside drain, one by one. Daddy fished them out with BIG rubber gloves on and after a good bleaching they've come to no harm, but still.
Then we had 'book destruction' when F destroyed one of his favourite books for no apparent reason, other than because he could?
But this was topped yesterday by 'scribbling on the living room fireplace'. Possibly F chose the living room fireplace because it has a nice plain cream background, against which his artistic scribbles would stand out nice and clearly. Possible he was just scribbling on the nearest thing to hand. Who knows.
Unfortunately I didn't catch any of these classics on camera, but thought I'd share a few oldies, so you get a sense of what I'm up against. Take J for example. As you can see, last week she decided for whatever reason, that climbing INTO the toilet was a good thing. What's slightly strange is that her brother, F, at about the same age, did the same thing. What's that all about?
There was also the memorable incident of the weetabix....when F was only 6 months old!
Or when he progressed to eating the newly sprouted sunflowers (his brothers pride and joy...)
But there's not much which they break which can't be fixed (except sunflower seedlings of course), so I guess we just grin and bare it and try to record as much as possible for posterity....
And of course, it's lucky I've got my Cheeky Wipes to clear up all the mess!

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