Ocado 20 off first shop and as cheap as Tesco!

Thursday, 10 January 2013  |  Admin

If you're just interested in the voucher code its vou7267639 and gives £20 off your first shop....but if you're interested in hearing why I'm recommending Ocado, read on...

I had to share this with you. It probably says something about me that I'm actually excited enough by this to want to share it, but let's not get into my downward spiral towards middle-age here.

As you know if you come here often, I find it much easier to menu plan and I've been doing this for about three years now. It works well for us. The menu isn't set in stone, but we waste less food and it definitely takes less time to organise meals.

Since last January I've also moved to an online grocery shop with Tesco's. I was dubious at the time as I'd tried online shopping a few years ago and been disappointed with the useby dates on food selected, poor substitutions etc. However friends had tried Tesco and said that it had improved so I gave it a go and on the whole it worked. However in order to keep delivery charges to a minimum, I would order enough food for two weeks at a time, so it was a bit of a pain to do the order and we were always running out of fresh fruit and veg which meant a top-up shop at Morrisons which sort of defeats the purpose. Until last week when I had a Damascene revelation....

My sister lives in Leigh-on-Sea and has been raving about her local Waitrose for a while. We don't have a local Waitrose, we have two about 20 minutes away which is too far for me to use on a regular basis, but I would sometimes pop in if I was looking for a specialist ingredient. However I would never think of doing my weekly shop there as thought it was too expensive. My sister has been saying for a while that it wasn't that expensive, but it wasn't until last week when I had the chance (child-free!) to have a mooch about the store and check prices that I realised that she was right, most things were the same price as Tesco, certainly for the things we buy week in, week out. And whether correct or not, I perceive the quality of Waitrose goods to be better than Tesco, especially when it comes to things like chicken.Spurred on by this revelation, I took a look at the Ocado online grocery option to compare and contrast prices.

Online Shopping Experience

It was VERY easy to do my first shop. The 'personal shopper' asked me how many adults and children we had in the house and ages and whether we have any babies or pets. They then asked a few more questions of the types of things we would normally buy and from these few questions, created a 'You might want to consider these items....' list which was amazing as it created 5 recommended options from each 'aisle' and you could add another 5 'options' at the click of the mouse.

I created my first shopping basket in about 15 minutes!

Delivery half price

When I looked into delivery charges, I realised that for £6 a month (£69.99 a year) I could have as many deliveries on a Tues/Weds/Thurs as I wanted which was perfect for me and about half the price of Tesco (although the Tesco plan allows deliveries any day...but as I always get my groceries on a Tuesday the Waitrose one was better value for me!).However when the groceries arrived, that's when I was seriously impressed.

Colour coded bags

The shopping arrived in colour coded bags (cupboard, fridge, freezer) which made sorting it out much easier. The van driver also said that he would collect the bags for recycling next week which is brilliant. At Tesco we had gone for the 'bag-free' green option, but it made unloading the groceries difficult and I always ended up with bags for the substitutions and frozen goods anyway - which were never collected again for recycling.

Receipt with food sorted by 'Use-before' date

Brilliant! At a glance I could see that my lamb needed to go into the freezer and that the salad would last until Saturday. All the 'use-by' dates were quite far away too which was great.

No substitutions

Substitutions are just irritating, especially when they don't deliver something essential like nappies (really there was NO alternative nappies in that size). Ocado were substitution free and whilst I know I'm only one shop in, from feedback from friends who have now came out of the closet on their Ocado deliveries, I know that they have a good track record on this.

Great Variety of Food

I know that not everyone will appreciate this but the variety of products available on Ocado is brilliant. They stock a Tate and Lyle maple flavoured golden syrup which I've been looking for everywhere after finding it once in Morrisons, until they stopped stocking it for some reason. They stock shaoxing rice wine which is difficult to find unless you happen to live near to a chinese supermarket (or waitrose...)

Same price as Tesco

Like I said, I watch the prices in the supermarket because with 4 kids we get through a LOT of food. There were a few things which worked out a little more expensive (they didn't have an 'essentials' golden syrup for example) but on the whole, things were pretty much the same or cheaper in some instances (like a kilo of chicken breasts for £7.99).

Overall, I was really impressed. To the point that I mentioned it on facebook and immediately had LOADS of feedback from other Ocado users that I didn't know used it already!


If you fancy trying it, they're offering £20 off your first shop with the code vou7267639. Which is great as I only had £10 off from their website!



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