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Odd Sock Mountain

Tuesday, 15 January 2013  |  Admin

Our odd sock mountain has been growing for quite a while. Last Sunday we took the plunge and cleared it out, playing 'match the odd sock', a game which kept the whole family entertained for the best part of an hour!


This is what we had left AFTER we paired up everything we could (which was a box full!) Seriously, what happens to their mates? Where do they go? I can guarantee you that they are not anywhere to be found in my house, so what happened to them? Personally, I think they're running away with my Cheeky Wipes....Either that or we have a washing machine monster who gobbles them up. Or maybe they defy the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy and cease to exist. In which case I deserve a nobel prize....

The odd socks above found a good home at the littl'uns nursery where they'll either warm the feet of children who don't have spare socks with them, or be turned into sock puppets. A glorious ending for these odd socks, I think you'll agree?

Anyway as you can tell as it's January one of my New Year resolutions is to de-clutter the house room by room.

Starting with odd socks.

You need to start somewhere after all....

Have you made any resolutions - and are you keeping them?

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