Using Olive Oil as a cleanser...weird but it works!

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It seems that I've reached an age where make-up is now a necessity if I want to avoid looking like death warmed up. I'm not talking full-on 'make-up counter girl' slap but concealer, foundation, mascara and a touch of blusher mean that the effects early waking pre-schoolers aren't majorly obvious when you look at me. Well, not THAT obvious anyway.
And with everyday make-up use there is obviously the need to remove it. My skin is super-duper sensitive, ridiculously so. And I have sneaked a clean Cheeky Wipe now and again, but don't like scrubbing at my eyes to remove the mascara.

After a bit of googling, I came across a fabulous solution. Olive oil. You've got it in your kitchen cupboard, it costs pennies and it doesn't leave your skin greasy, just supersoft and gently cleansed. Apparently oil dissolves oil (removing sebum and mascara etc) and this is actively recommended for people suffering from acne.
I know that sounds to good to be true but it really works and there's a whole load of people who have tried it and loved it enough to blog about....Here's how:
What you need
Clean Cheeky Wipes (I keep 5 dry ones in the bathroom and use to order)
Olive Oil
Hot Water
Few drops of mandarin or lavender & Chamomile fresh wipes oil (optional)
Put a little olive oil on your hands - about the size of a 5p piece
Rub all over your face in an upwards circular motion
Wet a Cheeky Wipe with nice hot water - not scalding, just hot from the tap
Wipe the olive oil off. You might want to rinse the wipe out once or twice, again with nice hot water.
Wipe again until all trace of oil is gone.
Splash with cold water.
You'll find your skin feels great, soft and clean with absolutely no tightness at all. And it will save you LOTS on expensive make-up removers....

Sunday, 14 February 2016  |  6:55

I sent you an email asking about this yesterday but after a bit more googling today I found this blog post!!

This is PERFECT!! Exactly what I'm looking for!!!!

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