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Make up removal pad bundle for you, 1 for a friend

The smiling healthy faces of your family? A full fridge of tasty food? A spontaneous natter with your bestie? Doing something new?

Or indeed "the feeling or showing of pleasure or contentment" as the dictionary defines the word.....


Happiness means something slightly different to all of us but something we suspect we'd all agree on is that the easiest way to feel happy or content in ourselves is seeing those around us happy.

Being part of making that happen is the icing on the cake, right?

With that in mind, in the month that sees International Women's Day and International Day of Happiness fall within days of one another, we want to help you to help us spread just that bit of extra happiness to even more awesome women out there so between Friday 13th and midnight Friday 20th March, if you buy a bundle of 10 luxury washable (SUPER soft!) make up removal pads for £12.95, you'll get yourself another set COMPLETELY FREE to gift to a special woman in your life.

All you need to do is add two sets to your basket and the second will automatically be discounted. Voila!

Easy, hey? What might not be so easy is to decide which of your awesome female friends deserves your freebie.


Why switch to reusable make up pads, today?

They're simple! That's it.

Not just for money reasons but for the impact they could make to our beautiful blue planet too.

And to make the switch to eco alternatives even easier for you, we've worked really hard to make our pads the most no-brainer, no barrier to purchase product ever :

  • We offer our standard cotton pads in a comparable size to your regular disposable options; they're a literal like for like (but you get to keep and reuse these after a quick wash)
  • We've got our larger luxury patterned range in bamboo plush for full face cleans as an alternative to muslins or flannels you'd usually find with a hot cloth cleanser kit
  • Both work with your usual cleanser (eg Micellar Water) or with simple Coconut Oil (it sounds counter intuitive but it really does melt away even the toughest mascara) so no need to buy new products


But if you still need that extra bit of reassurance before you give them a go, have a look at how happy they've been making some of these Cheeky customers : 

"Really happy with this product! They arrived larger than  I was expecting but this was a bonus. Very soft on both sides with one side more textured which is great for a slightly deeper clean.

This was my first purchase to try and reduce waste and I have now brought a sanitary kit! Highly recommend!" - Abby

"These were a bit of a impulsive purchase (I was getting a load of reusable sanitary stuff, saw these on the website, and thought "why not!" They're a really good size (much bigger than a cotton wool pad, but not too big) look super cute(!), and have cleaned up good as new. I just used them with my usual cleanser and eye make up remover, so was a bit concerned the stains wouldn't come out, but they have completely! Will be getting these as birthday gifts for all my mates! Thanks again cheeky wipes - my monthly spend on general pharmacy requirements has been massively reduced!​" - Gemma