One's and Two's Nappy Review

Thursday, 12 April 2012  |  Admin

One's and Two's Nappy Review I'm delighted to say that we'll be adding a new nappy range to sit alongside our lovely Itti Bittis. One's and Two's are the new budget friendly nappy option from the makers of Itti Bitti and we LOVE them! One's and Two's are a birth to potty nappy, so they're economical to use. They're also really, really simple and actually that's probably the thing that I like about them most. Ever since the days when I used Mother-ease on my boys and was trying to explain cloth nappies to friends:

  • You need something to soak up the wee
  • you need a stay-dry layer to stop the wee lying against their skin
  • you need a waterproof layer to step their clothes getting wet
EVERY nappy system has these elements in some shape of form, but some nappies make it seem a lot more complicated than that! How they work One's and Two's are a simple 'pocket' nappy (that means that the absorbent bit is held in a 'pocket' inside the nappy). The nappies come with a microfibre insert as standard, which has a microfibre topping (the stay-dry layer). However it's really easy to add extra boosters to increase the absorbency if your baby needs it and you can buy extra One's and Two's bamboo soakers for overnight use - or for additional absorbency during the day. The wrap is obviously the waterproof layer, but if your baby has just done a wee, you can just be able to change the soaker pads and re-use the wrap, again making them very economical. The sizing is adjusted using poppers, but the nappies close with velcro, making them really easy to use. Test Performance Here at Cheeky Wipes HQ we took delivery of our samples last week. My first test was putting Aerin down for a nap in her new nappy. I used the microfibre soaker that came with the nappy and added an Itti Bitti Bamboo Booster for extra absorbency as I knew that she was having a bottle before her nap and was likely to need a BIG wee. The nappy lasted for 4 hours, no problem, I was very impressed, as was baby Aerin. Later we dealt with a poo in the same easy way. I actually found these easier to deal with on this nappy as you don't have to try to undo poppers before shaking the poo into the toilet. Dead easy again. I don't soak my nappies, just wash at 50c (sometimes using Milton anti-bacterial fabric wash) and they cleaned up beautifully. There's no doubt that Itti Bitti definitely have the cute factor with the fluffy minky bums, but One's and Two's are also available in a range of colours and white. Price One's and two's are very economically priced at £12.95 for the coloured nappies, including a micro-fibre insert. The white nappies are even better value at £58 for 5! And to celebrate real nappy week we'll be offering 25% off EVERYTHING on from 16th - 22nd April! Summary If you're pregnant and even thinking about cloth nappies, you should try one's and two's. They're super simple to use, economical and look good too. Plus of course there's the environmental benefits....