Organic Monkey Cradle Cap Scalp oil review

Monday, 18 June 2012  |  Admin

You know that we love all things natural here at Cheeky Wipes, especially when it comes to skincare. Suffering from eczema has made me really aware of what I put on my skin and that of my family and that's why, where possible, I try to use simple products that work. (As opposed to brands which make amazing claims which never quite deliver...)So I was delighted to come across Organic Monkey, a Brighton based team who make beautiful natural skincare products for babies, using organic oils and essential oils.When I saw that they did a cradle cap oil, it felt like divine providence. I had been bemoaning little Aerins scabby scalp for some time. Out of all 4 of my children, she has least hair and now at 15 months old, it's still very wispy. That mostly covered the cradle cap, but there's just something nasty about it isn't there...that lurking tempation to pick when you get a moment, like a mummy baboon.A little while ago I tried the nit comb and lots of conditioner, which worked a bit but Aerin didn't enjoy the experience at all and it didn't really get rid of a lot of it.When I received the cradle cap oil, and opened the bottle, the first thing that hit me was the smell! It smelled gorgeous which would be down to the organic geranium essential oil which also helps restore skins natural balance.I applied the oil liberally to Aerin's head while she was in the bath with wet hair and did my best to rub it in. The instructions say to remove with a soft brush or washcloth, but I have to admit that I got the nit comb out and literally combed the dead skin away, leaving fresh pink new skin underneath.I think the blend of olive, safflower and coconut oil must have really softened the skin because Aerin actually seemed to enjoy the experience. And I definitely enjoyed getting rid of all those yucky scabby bits of skin!Rock the Cradle, cradle cap scalp oil is available from priced at £7.50.