Organic Monkey Nappy Balm Review

Monday, 6 August 2012  |  Admin

I've been bemoaning the fact for a while now that I haven't got an eco-alternative nappy balm. (see the back-story). My Little One's only tend to get nappy rash when they're teething and have those super sloppy, acidic smelling poos. All it takes is for me to put Aerin to bed for a nap, her to immediately poo and then lie in it for 90 mins and voila, sore bottom. Now I have to say that my preference until now has been to use metanium, that yellow coloured, antiseptic cream which generally clears up their nappy rash super quick. It is quite drying however so I've been looking for a more natural alternative.


I was delighted to meet Heidi from Organic Monkey who makes this Bumfluff Nappy balm. It's 80% organic and completely fair trade and contains organic lavender, chamomile, shea butter and organic oils, blended together to make a ointment. I used it on Aerin when she had a slightly red looking bum. Not at the bleeding stage, but sore looking. I gave her a gentle clean up with a cheeky wipe, dabbed her bum dry and then applied the balm. It was oilier than I had expected but it rubbed in beautifully to make a lovely shield layer on her sore bottom. By next nappy change, the redness was gone. Brilliant! The balm could be used for teething rash too. I've used it myself on my lips as a lip balm, it would also be great for dry elbows and heels, especially now that summer is almost upon us (alledgedly). The balm is priced at £10.50 for 50ml and is available from