Organised Parent - Tip #1 Birthday Party Invites

Thursday, 22 April 2010  |  Admin

Let's get this clear from the start. I am NOT an organised person at all. I'm the type who gets things done by the skin of my teeth, with the wind at my back. Which is absolutely fine is you're young, free and single, but leads to heaps of stress if you've got kids.
Little by little over the last 6 years I have got more organised. I'm not anally organised but there are a few things that I've found make my life much easier so I thought I'd share them.
The first is birthday party invites. From an early age, my son would always receive a batch of birthday party invites around the same time, usually from other Mums we had met at post-natal group. As he progressed through nursery and into school they keep coming on a regular basis. I found it difficult to keep track of them and inevitably ended up rushing into town on the morning of the party to buy an expensive impulse toy purchase, card and paper which would cost £10 - £15. Which REALLY adds up if you're attending 10 parties a year. So, first tip, is to reply and note down all invitations immediately - we've got one of those kitchen organisers from M&S and it's great!
Then I came across this card and paper set from the book people. Priced at a tenner, it contains 12 cards, 24 sheets of paper, plus tissue, which is great value. I've used most of the cards up now, but was able to buy 14 extra cards yesterday for £2 to top up the box.
To go with the cards we generally give books - again that we source from The Book People. We buy a collection of books (6 or 8 to a pack) for about a tenner and give 2 or 3 books as a present together. Most recently these have been 'Harry and the Dinosaurs' and 'Dora the Explorer', depending on whether it's a boy or girl birthday.
Kids get so many plasticky rubbish toys that they quickly break and discard, but everyone enjoys having a story read to them, time after time! It saves me a lot of energy, money and hassle, with the present, giftwrap and card coming to about £4?
Of course, this only really covers childrens party invitations - getting more organised with adult birthdays will come soon... And if you've got any top tips you'd like to share on this, please just leave me a comment!

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