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Friday, 11 February 2011  |  Admin

Like most parents, I sometimes have days when I think that I'm the last person in the world who can give parenting tips (usually on the days when the school run has degenerated into a stressful imitation of the bull running at Pamplona).
However the theme of this weeks carnival over at Notes from Home is Parenting Tips and there's at least one thing that my kids are generally good at - eating!
I think that most kids will go through a fussy stage at some point. The key as a parent to keep control of the situation, rather than letting your 3 year old take control! My eldest started getting fussy at about 3 and it took him a good couple of years to come out the other side of it, but now at 6 he'll eat most things and is even being a bit more adventurous with curries and spicy foods.
Maybe I'm being old-fashioned but I think kids will always eat enough to keep them going, they won't starve. And it's better for your sanity to not make a big deal out of their fussiness. That being said though it is frustrating when (like last night for example) your 3 year old point blank refuses a lovely home-made meal. Gnocchi with tomato & mascarpone sauce which was yummy...but to be fair he's been unwell and off his food generally.
So here are my 3 top tips for fussy eaters:
First off, check they're not being 'fussy' because they've had too many snacks. Having an established 'snack time' rather than letting them snack when they fancy works well for usIf your child refuses to eat a certain meal don't make a big deal of it, just tell them that they won't be getting anything else to eat until the next meal. No snacks, no nothing. This avoids the whole stressful 'just one more bite' coaxing / wrangling matches. Your child won't starve because of one missed meal and it just makes mealtimes stressful for everyone involved. And try not to take it personally if you've lovingly prepared a gorgeous meal...though this is easier said than done!Don't give in and make separate meals for them. For a start, if they're anything like mine, they're fickle and what they like one day, they dislike the next - and vice versa. Just keep on making whatever tickles your fancy and keep it varied. My 3 yr old, who has been pretty much refusing pasta for the last 6 months, ate a whole bowl of macaroni cheese last week, which I was surprised and delighted with. Now we just have to work on peas...
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