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We understand that period pants may seem like a bit of an odd concept, after so many years of indoctrination that disposable pads or tampons are the 'norm'. The most asked questions we receive are 'Aren't they like wearing a nappy?' and 'How come they don't leak?'

Here's me, at the gym last week. It was the heaviest day of my period, day 2:

Period Pants UK

(The leggings are from Sweaty Betty in case anyone was wondering..smiley.)

I'm wearing our 'Feeling Sporty' cotton period pants.   The pants aren't bulky, there's not even a VPL.  I squatted and lunged with confidence, safe and secure in the knowledge that I wasn't going to end up leaving bloody smears on my leggings or my equipment.

I didn't have to wear any extra protection.  No disposable pad, rubbing at the tops of my thighs every time I moved.    No tampon string getting caught between my knickers and inner thigh.  

Just pants.  Pants which happen to have an absorbent layer and a leak-free lining.  Simple.

If I'm not in the gym, (on my heavy day only), I will usually wear a pad through the day.  Not because the pants aren't absorbent enough (they are) but because I like to feel fresh and it's much easier to whip out a cloth sanitary pad at lunchtime than to change your knickers.  No-one wants to take their knickers off in a toilet cubicle if they can help it!

We like to keep things simple here at Team Cheeky.  There's no secret sprinkling of unicorn dust contained in the fabric of our pants.  They are just different pants that you wear on your period - that happen to be leak free and absorbent too.

Reusable period protection advice - just for you

If you haven't made the switch yet, we're here to help.  Our lovely customer services team all use our pads and pants - that's super important to us as a company!  So they are really well placed to answer any questions you may have.  And if you complete our tailored reusable period protection questionnaire, they can recommend exactly what you need for your periods. 

45 day Period Pants Trial policy

We've also just launched our 45 day pants trial, so you can try a single pair of period pants for that period - and return them if you don't get on with them.   We believe that these pants are 'game-changing' - we know this because lots of you have told us!  So we're putting our money where our mouth is. We know that periods can be a bit random, you've got a full 45 days to try the pants.  And if you don't get on with them, we'll refund you.  More details here...




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