Save 5 on period pants, leak free and hygienic

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Amazing special offer during October, save £5 on all three packs of our waterproof, leak free period pants - just £24.95 for three pairs

We know you already love our period pants - so much so that we have been struggling to keep up with demand in some sizes. 

We've just taken delivery of our second production run of pants, having made a few tweaks based on your feedback. 



Why swap to period pants?

I would LOVE to be able to wear a menstrual cup.  But after 4 children, internal period protection is just not an option for me.  Pads are great but you can't beat period pants if you're active as there's no chafing or 'nappy rash' no matter what you're doing.  They're also super comfortable for sleeping in of course, keeping you cool, comfortable and leak free.  

How absorbent are period pants?

Our pants have 4 layer protection built in, with a breathable layer against your skin, an absorbent layer which soaks up wetness and wicks it away from skin.  Plus of course the waterproof layer so you're leak free and comfortable.

To give you some idea of absorbency, I would say that my periods are normal in that on my two heaviest days, I would normally change my protection 3 times...first thing in the morning, lunchtime / mid afternoon and then again at bed time.  Wearing the pants, I made the same changes, but on my lighter days, I only changed once at bedtime, as I like to go to bed with clean knickers.

If you have very heavy periods, and you usually have to change your protection every hour and / or wear two forms of sanitary protection, then these pants are fantastic to wear with cloth sanitary pads.

What do you do wearing period pants at school / work?

Simple, just use one of our mini wetbags to carry a clean pair and maybe some intimate wipes with you.  If I'm on a heavy day, I might wear a cloth sanitary pad, not because the pants aren't absorbent enough but because it's much easier to whip a soiled sanitary pad out than it is to change your knickers in a cubicle!  

How do you wash period pants?

It's not rocket science.  Just think about what you would do if you came on earlier than expected and treat these knickers in the same way.  As they are black inside, I usually give them a squirt of decent stain remover and wash with the rest of my clothes wash, max 30c as anything higher than this will 'set' bloodstains. Occasionally, if my period has been particularly heavy,  I will soak them in cold water and maybe some Oxi or Vanish type stain remover.  Don't tumble dry the pants, as it can damage the waterproof layer, so simply dry flat or on the washing line.

Do period pants work? See what our customers have to say...

'Not only do I find these great but I have started to recommend them to everyone. I work in a special Needs School and we have started using them with a couple of young people and they are fabulous. No more waving soiled pads around! Brilliant', Eleanor, Sept 2019

'I own the sports pants and lace pants and couldn’t wait to try these. As per they didn’t disappoint. These pants have saved so much anxiety around my heavy cycles. These give my comfort mentally but also physically. They feel great and soft.
Periods are uncomfortable last thing you want is your disposable products causing further irritation. All I can say is if you are reading this review trying to make your mind up whether or not to make the switch. Then I’d say absolutely. Stop reading and go purchase. You are welcome.'
, Jade, Sept 2019

'These are so comfy, and pretty. Lovely quality. If you have a heavy period I would say carry a spare pair to change into part way through the day. Also great having a clean conscience knowing that I’m not contributing unnecessary plastic waste each month. An easy enough change to make!', Vanessa, Sept 2019

The sale price of £24.95 for three pairs in any one style is shown on the product pages, just add them to your basket.  Sale price ends 31st October.


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