30% off The Cheeky Cleaning Bundle

14 July 2021  |  Admin

We've learnt a lot from our customers over the years and this is just one of the ideas that was shared with us that we just thought.....oh yeaaaaaahhhhh.

Take a bundle of Cheeky Wipes in an extra large size - check.

Make them in a super grippy fabric - check.

Add to those the same fab essential oil / mesh bag / mucky box combo to store the dirties before the washing machine is next going on....check.

Enter The Cheeky Cleaning Bundle.

Great bundle for the kitchen including supersoft microfibre wipes in our larger size 20cm x 20cm are perfect for any cleaning job!


For one day only take 30% off the RRP and get cleaning your home the Cheeky way.

No smears.

No (bad) smells.

No filling up the bin with throwaway wipes that add to landfill and fatbergs.

You won't be sorry.

**All our offers are exclusive and can't be combined. If you use a discount code, it may override the 30% discount. You can remove the discount code by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the total in your basket.

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